Hair Tutorials

There are so many ways that you can wear your dreamy Milk + Blush hair extensions and we have a YouTube channel that gives you the hair inspiration to achieve your hair goals. Here are some of our favourite hairstyles that you can recreate with your hair extensions.


Pool Party and Vacation Hairstyles

If you’re jetting off on a summer holiday with your girlfriends or craving those summer style vibes this is the video for you. We’re bringing you our fave #poolparty and vacation hairstyles that are perfect for whatever you’re getting up to this summer.

All three #hairstyles are perfect for summer, super cute, easy to achieve and are easy to maintain in the heat.
Hairstyle #1 - Scarf Bun: Wefts from the Milk + Blush Classic Seamless Set
Hairstyle #2 - Swept Back Hairstyle: Milk + Blush Classic Seamless Set
Hairstyle #3 - Natural Summer Curls: Milk + Blush Quad Weft Set

All in the length 16-18” in the shade ‘Slayer’ which has been custom toned.


Want to give your long, luscious locks a break from heat styling? Luckily for you we’ve got five super pretty heatless hairstyles in this tutorial that are perfect for long hair. Whether you’re a braid-aholic or love a good ponytail this is the video for you! 

Hairstyle #1 - Half Up Fishtail
Hairstyle #2 - Braided Knot
Hairstyle #3 - Sleek Side Ponytail
Hairstyle #4 - Faux Fishtail
Hairstyle #5 - Chic Ponytail

In this tutorial I’m wearing my Milk + Blush Hair Extensions from the Classic Seamless Set in the length 20-22” in the shade ‘Slayer’ which have been custom toned.


Summer is fin ally upon us and with it comes festival, travelling and trips away. To get all of you Milk + Blush Babes prepared we have six amazing hair hacks to keep your tresses on point whatever you get up to. 

Hack #1 - Prep your hair before you set off
Hack #2 - Only pack what you need and keep it minimal
Hack #3 - Create heatless texture with this Jen Atkin hair hack
Hack #4 - Disguise oily roots with cute accessories
Hack #5 - Keep frizz and static at bay
Hack #6 - Protect your hairstyle while you sleep


If you have medium length hair and want to try out some new super cute hairstyles without the heat damage this is the video for you. This week we’re bringing you five amazingly easy heatless hairstyles that you can rock with your medium length hair and your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions.

1 - Cotton Candy Bun
2 - Pin Up Braid
3 - Tucked Updo
4 - Braided Halo Bun
5 - Braided Ponytail



If your wedding day is fast approaching then this is the video for you. We’re bringing you three beautiful bridal hairstyles that you can do yourself using your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions.

All three hairstyles are simple to achieve yourself and are perfect for whatever vibe you’re going for for your big day.
Bridal Hairstyle #1 - The Gibson Tuck (Quad Weft Set 16-18”)
Bridal Hairstyle #2 - Bridal Bubble Ponytail (Quad Weft Set 20-22”)
Bridal Hairstyle #3 - Braided Crown (Quad Weft Set 16-18”)




Here at Milk + Blush HQ we’re still obsessing over the Royal wedding so we’re bringing you our take on Meghan Markle’s beautiful bridal updo (originally created by hair stylist Serge Normant) that you can create yourself using your Milk + Blush extensions.

Whether you want to wear a similar look for your wedding day or you just want to add a little Markle vibe to your hair this is the tutorial for you.


We’re bringing you five super cute and easy heatless hairstyles that are perfect for lobs and bobs. They’re easy to achieve, insanely pretty and there's not a heat tool in sight.

Plus we’re showing you how you how you can use Milk + Blush hair extensions to make your shorter hair fuller and thicker so you can wave goodbye to sad looking tresses!

1. Simple, Textured Lob
2. Bardot Half Up Hairstyle
3. Messy Top Knot
4. Swept Back Hairstyle
5. Twisted Crown Hairstyle


Prom season is upon us so it’s time to start planning your look. From your dress to your makeup you want to make sure your look is on point so this week we’re bringing you three red carpet worthy hairstyles that you can wear to prom with your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions.

All three looks have been inspired by celebrity red carpet trends, are super easy to do and will definitely turn heads! In this video.

1st Hairstyle - Elegant Chignon Updo
2nd Hairstyle - Braided Boho Waves
3rd Hairstyle - Big and Bouncy Curls


Hands up who’s had a hair disaster that's left you feeling less than cute? We’ve all been there, right?

Our Milk + Blush blogger Christy has recently had a hair mishap herself but this week we’re putting things right with the help of dreamy Milk + Blush Hair Extensions.

Check out our tutorial for the ultimate hair transformation. I’m transforming Christy’s hair with the Milk + Blush Quad Weft Set in the length 16-18” in the shade Bel Air Baby.

P.S. If you have a hair transformation of your own using your Milk + Blush hair extensions, don't forget to tag us on social media @milkandblush.


Want to create the perfect ponytail using your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry girl, we’ve got you!

In this tutorial, we show you how to achieve the ponytail of your dreams - whether that’s a super sleek, straight pony or a romantic, wavy ponytail with some hair hacks thrown in too. 

Hey, incase you didn't know, we also have two other videos similar to this one. The one is an indepth tutorial on how you can include your Milk + Blush hair extensions into a French braid and the other is how to master the double Dutch braid using your hair extensions.