4 Ways A Silk Pillowcase Can Up Your Hair Game


Can sleeping on a silk pillowcase really make that much of a difference to your hair? Apparently, yes. It’s hard to believe that changing something so small could be the difference between waking up like Beetlejuice or a Victoria’s Secret model but if it is we’re totally game. Especially when stars like Kourtney Kardashian are recommending it. We’ve decided to break down the 3 main hair benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase today to totally blow your mind.


As cotton isn’t a smooth surface it can tug at the individual strands of hair which causes breakage, split ends and static. The friction from moving around in your sleep is what causes ‘bed head’ that super messy, knotty hairdo you wake up with in the morning. Switching to silk could help to prevent this and keep your hair smoother and knot free throughout the night as well as preventing damage.


If you find you’re going to bed with squeaky clean locks but waking up greasy your cotton pillowcase could be the culprit. Its super absorbing powers suck up the sebum your scalp produces so to compensate it makes even more, making your hair greasy. Switching to silk will keep your skin balanced and hair looking fresh as well as prolonging the need to wash and heat style.



As a silk pillowcase is cooler and causes less friction you can prolong a salon blow dry or hairstyle for way longer. This is great for the overall health of your hair as you won't have to wash or heat style as often preventing damage. If you’re going away for a weekend you can pick up silk caps too that are easy to pack and will keep your hair fresh on the move. Our favourite ones are from Silke London, super glam! Click here to have a look.


We’re moving off the topic of hair for a second but this is a serious benefit to making the silk pillowcase switch that’s worth mentioning. Sleeping on a silk pillow can actually help to prevent wrinkles, blemishes and dry skin too. When you wake up with creases on your cheeks those can eventually turn into fully formed crevices after years of dreaming face down. Rocking up to work with a creased cheek is a tell tale sign you slept in too and if nothing else it’s worth it for those mornings alone. If you have oily skin they work wonders for keeping spots at bay also. Just like it stops your hair getting greasy a silk pillowcase regulates your moisture levels overnight preventing spots.

With the cold months creeping up on us and encouraging our hair to be as frizzy and dry as possible maybe this is the best time to make the switch. If nothing else it’ll be the most glam sleep of your life...like ever.