Day to Night: 5 Last Minute Christmas Day Hairstyles

daytonight1Your hair is the last thing you want to care about on Christmas Day so you need a long lasting style that will go with your best dress or even your best pyjamas. These looks are the perfect amount of effortless glam while taking no time at all to create either. So however you like to spend the big day we’ve got a hairstyle to suit you...

day-to-night-hair-last-minute-christmas-hairstylesSoft Waves

The joy of this one is that you could curl your hair the night before and not have to worry about styling on Christmas Day. These loose waves are totally gorgeous and would be a perfect match to a sparkly dress. To create this look start by curling your hair all over, making sure to hold the curls before letting them drop and giving them a good dusting of hair spray. For longevity you can use the pin curl method to hold them in place afterwards too. If you’re doing this the night before it’s best to leave them overnight and wait until the morning to brush them out. If you’re wearing your hair extensions you might want to curl those the night before too (don’t sleep in them though!) and then clip them in before you brush the curls out. While brushing try and smooth the curls together to get a totally seamless wave. Finish with another dust of hairspray and you’re totally selfie ready.

day-to-night-hair-last-minute-christmas-hairstylesLow Messy Bun

This is a perfect chilled day look. Simply leave out some sections around your face and pull the rest of your hair back into a low messy bun. Also if you want to use your hair extensions you can clip them in as normal for this one as it sits super low. Then curl the hair around your face using a big barrel curling wand to get a soft wave. Finish off with a dust of hairspray and you’re good to go. Simple, effortless and super pretty!

day-to-night-hair-last-minute-christmas-hairstylesTwisted Crown

This is such a pretty look and it’s so easy! Simply take two sections of hair from either side of your head and pull them back into a pony. If you’re wearing your hair extensions just make sure that you’ve covered all the wefts at the front too. Then secure the two sections at the back of your head with a hair elastic. Taking the ponytail,  flip it over the centre to create a twist. Repeat this process until the sections are fully twisted and you’re happy with the effect. You then want to take the pony tail section in the middle and wrap it over the elastic, pinning it in place underneath. This will hide the elastic and complete the look. Add a quick dust of hairspray and you’re done.

day-to-night-hair-last-minute-christmas-hairstylesDutch Braid Bun

This look is perfect if you have shorter hair or lots of flyaways that you need to hold in place. You want to start by doing an upside down dutch braid, starting at the nape of your neck and finishing at the point where you want your bun to sit. Take a small section of hair at the nape of your neck and divide it into three pieces. Then cross the sides under the middle section to create the dutch braid as normal.  If you’re struggling to create the braid you can opt for a rope braid instead which is way easier but will give you the same effect. As long as you make the twist straight and keep it tight it will hold in place for just as long. Once it’s secure in a pony you can then start creating the bun. If you want to use your hair extensions for this look then take two of the two clip wefts and clip them around the base of the ponytail to add more volume. For a polished look like this one, use a bun ring to create the perfect shape and finish of with a section of hair around the base. If you want something a bit different you can totally rock this look with a messy bun too and make it as loose and textured as you like. Finish with a dust of hairspray and pull some strands out around your face if you want to.

The Half Up Half Down

The half up half down is really flattering, easy, looks effortlessly chic and will keep your hair out of the gravy. To create this look simply take a large section at the top of your head and pull it back into a pony. You can leave some face framing sections out if you want to and can go as high or low as you feel like with the pony too. If you have one and want to tap into one of the biggest trends this autumn/winter, tie a black ribbon around your pony and secure it with a bobby pin underneath. If you’re feeling totally extra you can curl the hair that’s left out too for a super glam Christmas Day look.

We hope you love these easy, last minute hairstyles and are just as excited for the big day as we are! Merry Christmas, M+B Babes!