7 Makeup products that you can use on your hair too...

makeup-products-that-you-can-use-on-your-hair-tooThere’s nothing worse than going somewhere and realising you’ve forgotten half the products you need. Especially when a bad hair day is the worst thing, EVER. That’s where today's post comes in though because believe it or not, some of your favourite makeup products can do wonders for your hair too.


To make your hair look fuller and to fill in your hairline you can use an eyeshadow similar to your hair shade to fill in any gaps and make it look thicker. Just make sure to blend it out towards your face to keep it looking natural. You can also use this technique to redraw an uneven hairline which is especially good for updos or slicked back styles.

7-makeup-products-your-can-use-on-your-hairSetting powder

Your makeup setting powder also happens to be the best substitute for dry shampoo. Just like you do with your face, take a brush and dust the powder over your hairline to suck up any excess moisture. Obviously you need to use a different brush though otherwise you’ll be transferring oil back and forth from your hair to your face...eek!!

7-makeup-products-your-can-use-on-your-hair-blushBright blusher or eyeshadow

If you want to change up your hair colour temporarily but don’t have any hair chalk to hand then you can use a bright eyeshadow instead. It might take a while to build up the coverage but it’s totally worth it and you can hold it in place with some hairspray when you’re done.

7-makeup-products-your-can-use-on-your-hair-blotting-paperBlotting papers

These are another amazing substitute for dry shampoo but are way better if you’re on the go. These little papers can suck up a lot of moisture and are a great way to fight back grease throughout the day. As they don’t leave any white residue either they’re great for anyone with darker hair who struggles to remove the leftover powder from dry shampoo.

7-makeup-products-your-can-use-on-your-hair-lipbalmLip balm or vaseline

If you’re out and find your hair is looking a little dry you can use your lip balm to smooth the ends of your hair and tame them back in place. It’s also really amazing at disguising split ends!

7-makeup-products-your-can-use-on-your-hair-powderBlush brush

You can use your blush brush as a super delicate way to tame flyaways without causing any static. Just spritz your brush with hairspray and run it down the lengths of your hair to create a flawless finish. This hack works particularly well for updos.

7-makeup-products-your-can-use-on-your-hair-powderEyebrow gel

You can use an eyebrow gel to tame flyaways and smooth down your hair too. This is a good hack for baby hairs as the spoolie brush is so small you’re able to catch the thinnest of strands and pull them into place. Eyebrow gels come in lots of different shades too so you can get the perfect colour to match your hair.