7 Must Have Halloween Hair Accessories on ASOS


Our fave day is almost here and we’re super excited to get totally spooky and extra glam. Finding the perfect costume for Halloween is all part of the fun and who doesn’t love experimenting with something different? We get that you don’t always have the time or the $$$ to go all out though so we’ve had a sneaky look on ASOS at some quick alternatives. These Halloween hair accessories are sure to have you looking perfectly haunting in no time and won’t break the bank either. We’ve also paired them up with a hair tutorial to give you a fully finished look that's easy to recreate. Rise and slay gals...


1.  ASOS Design Halloween Floral Garland Headband With Lace Veil In Black £12

This spooky headband is so femme fatale and with the eyelash lace and black roses it’s perfect for Halloween. We’d pair this accessory with some big, voluminous, supermodel style curls and make it as glamorous as possible.



2. ASOS Design Halloween Headband With Polka Dot Bunny Ears And Veil  £10

These gorgeous bunny ears are the easiest costume with a quick slick of eyeliner to create some whiskers. To rock this lacy accessory we’d pair it with some classic vintage waves and a pop of red lipstick.


3. ASOS Design Halloween Floral Garland Headband £8

How gorgeous is this! We love the makeup look too and it’s super easy to recreate. We would pair this with our full volume chopstick curls look to match the volume of the hairband and to create lots of texture. Dreamy!


4. ASOS Design Halloween Headband With Floral And Novelty Deer Antlers In Black £10

These deer antlers are a little bit different but perfect if you want to go for something cute and not so scary. We’d pair these with our braided bun updo and lots of face paint to really nail the look. Click here for a quick makeup tutorial too!


5. ASOS Design Halloween Pack Of 5 Kirby Grips With Spiders £6

We’re so obsessed with these super spooky clips! And they’re a really easy way to make your go-to hairstyle more Halloween appropriate. We’d slide these along our hairline with super long, sleek hair just like this tutorial.


6. ASOS Design Halloween Headband With Bat Boppers In Black £8

This super cute glittery hair band is the easiest way to be ‘Halloween’ without actually being anything in particular. We’d pair it with our 80s inspired crimped hairstyle and lots of glitter hairspray for a Studio 54 meets Halloween vibe.


7. ASOS Design Halloween Lace Cat Ear Hair Clips In Black £5

These little ears are so sweet and we think they’d look amazing with a super high pony and some classic cat makeup. If you have dark hair you could also create the pony using our ombre set Kiss The Girl which has green ends as it’ll make your look a little more spooky.

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