Beach Bag Hair Essentials

beach-bag-essentials-main-image Headed to the beach this summer? Yass! There’s nothing better than lying in the sun all day, sipping cocktails and reading books. We’re guessing that you’ve already picked up a cute beach bag to take with you and today we’re spilling all the hair essentials you need to fill it. These hero products will keep your locks hydrated, protected and nourished so that you can enjoy the heat without causing damage.

Sun Protection

Just like you protect your skin it’s also super important that you’re protecting your hair from the sun too. All that heat can not only lift your colour but will damage your strands and lead to split ends and breakage. To combat this you’ll definitely need some sun protection in your beach bag that will protect against the rays. We’d recommend the Ultrasun UV Hair Protector which offers full protection for your strands including chlorine and salt water while replenishing the moisture levels in your hair.


Leave-In Conditioner

If you’re going for a swim then it’s super important to protect your hair to prevent it from drying out. Your best bet is to use a leave-in conditioner before you hit the pool to stop your hair from absorbing so much moisture. This will form a barrier between your strands and the salt or chlorine so that your hair won’t dry out afterwards. Leave in conditioners are a great way to prevent against tangles too and can really improve your hair health overtime. We’d recommend the Ouai Leave In Conditioner which is insanely moisturising and will help to fight frizz.

Wide Tooth Comb

Between swimming and sunbathing your hair can get pretty knotty so you’ll need to take something with you to remove the tangles. As your hair is more delicate when it’s wet you’ll need to use something super gentle which is why we’d recommend a wide tooth comb. Our go-to is from H&M, it’s super affordable and won’t take up much room in your bag either.



If you’re planning on being out in the sun for a long time then it’s a good shout to give your hair regular breaks, even if you’re using an SPF. Hats are the easiest way to shield your strands from the sun as well as protecting your face. It might be worth scheduling this in with applying your SPF too so that you can give it some time to soak in under your hat.

Microfibre Towel

Just because you’re on the beach it doesn’t mean you should totally forget your hair care routine. Microfibre towels are way more gentle on your hair and skin than cotton ones and won’t damage your strands or lead to frizz. You’ll also want to pat your hair dry while gently squeezing out the water rather than rubbing it to avoid causing damage. And that’s your beach bags hair essentials complete! If you’re jetting off somewhere fancy then you’ll definitely want to read our post on prepping your hair for the summer. It’s full of hacks that will really help to get your hair into line.