Blonde Hair Shades for Summer

Blonde hair shades for summer

Thinking of going blonde this summer? Then you’ve chosen the right time of year to make a colour change! Whether you want to enhance your natural blonde hair shade or add highlights to your brunette locks, here are the epitome of blonde hair shades for summer.

Ice White Blonde

blonde hair shades for summer

Along with pastel hues, ice white blonde hair has been one of the blonde hair shades to be seen with this summer. Although it looks super sharp during the hot spell, just be prepared to give it a lot of care and attention, as this blonde hair shade requires a lot of maintenance and plenty of moisture. We recommend keeping it in tip top condition by treating it to the Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Shampoo and Conditioner. These will help to remove brassy tones and keep your icy hair shade looking cool for the entire season.

Platinum and Bleach Blonde

blonde hair shades for summer

Year upon year, platinum and bleach blonde hair shades has been a firm favourite of ours when the sun comes out. Bleaching the hair is the most effective way to get a summery blonde hue, however, just like all lighter hair shades, it does need plenty of upkeep to maintain its brightness, especially if chlorine is involved. Be sure to use the Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain its vibrancy.

Honey Blonde

blonde hair shades for summer

If you’re looking for a blonde hair shade that’s a bit more subtle and doesn’t siren ‘blonde bombshell’ in your head, then honey blonde might be your perfect shade of blonde. This warm, rich hue blended with caramel tones is truly scrumptious, especially when the sun hits it, and is a great way to take you from brown to blonde without being too drastic. To prove just how coveted this hair shade is, Amber Heard has even traded in her platinum locks for a honey blonde hair shade for summer.

Strawberry Blonde

blonde hair shades for summer

Strawberry blonde has never looked so good than during the summertime. It’s the perfect shade for paler skin tones too, as it’s full of rich tones that will warm up your complexion. Be sure to tousle them into beach waves for an even dreamier look.

Balayage Effect

blonde hair shades for summer

Sun-kissed hair is the blonde hair shade for summer and the best way to fake sunny highlights, is by applying the balayage technique to your hair. This colouring method involves free handedly applying dye to the mid-lengths of your hair, to create a gradual effect which is not as harsh as ombre. It works pretty well on dark blondes as it gives that natural sun-kissed look we all desire this time of year. What with models like Gisele Bundchen and Lily Aldridge all championing the hair trend, we can definitely see ourselves jumping on the balayage bandwagon, too.

Root Regrowth

blonde hair shades for summer

If you’re blonde hair is in the middle of growing out, then don’t be afraid to display a bit of root regrowth this season. What with ombre hair still on trend for summer it’s never been a better time to leave your roots on show. So what if can’t afford or can’t be bothered to have your roots touched up? We’d rather spend our time out in sun anyway!

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