Bobby Pin Hair Hacks You Need To Know

Sometimes the most basic hair advice can be the most useful which is why we’re stripping it all back today and sharing our favourite bobby pin hacks. These may not be groundbreaking but they’re quick tips you can use every day to neaten up and elevate your hairstyles. Bobby pins are also really affordable so there’s no excuse not to try these out…

Pin Up Your Curls

If you struggle to get your curls to stay in place then you can roll up each one once it comes off the barrel and pin it up with a bobby pin. This will allow your hair to cool in the curl and will give it way more staying power than if you let it drop. You can also spray each roll with some hairspray and leave it to set for around 20minutes before taking all the pins down and letting it down.

Create A Polished Ponytail

To hide your hair elastic you want to push your bobby pin into the top of your ponytail horizontally. Next, take a small section of hair from underneath, wrap it around your ponytail and then push the end of the section through the loop of the bobby pin. You can then push the bobby pin through to create a knot in your hair before removing the pin. This will hold your hair securely around your pony and looks really neat and polished! Alternatively, you can take your small section, wrap it around the base and pin it underneath with your bobby pin if the first option is too complicated.

Perfected Braids

If you have a layered haircut and find that there are loads of shorter pieces sticking out from your braids then you can use bobby pins to neaten them up. Just pull the shorter pieces of hair to the back of your braid and use a bobby pin to hold them in the middle. You can then use some hairspray to give it more staying power and to smooth down any flyaways. You can also secure the ends of your braid with a bobby pin if you don’t have a hair elastic. Simply tie your ends in a knot and then slide a bobby pin up through the middle to hold them in place.

Pin Back Your Bangs

If you have a haircut regret or simply want to get your bangs off your face then bobby pins are the most discreet way to hold it back. You can even pin your bangs underneath your hair so that they’re totally hidden! Just make sure that you match your bobby pins to the colour of your hair so that they’re as hidden as possible.

Spray Them With Hairspray

If you want to give your bobby pins more staying power then you’ll need to spray them with hairspray before pushing them. Just make sure the hairspray is still wet when you put the bobby pins in your hair so that it can set in place and give your pin maximum staying power. We’re guessing you already know this, but it’s really important to always put your bobby pins in bumpy side down if you want them to stay in place.