Using Brown Hair Extensions To Add Lowlights

Brown hair extensions can be used in many more ways than you would think. Most people would associate brown hair extensions with adding volume and length to your current brunette shade, but there are many more options!! You can use brown hair extensions to add lowlights to your existing shade. If you’re a blonde, you can choose a brown hair extensions shade and position these to give the look of lowlights! If you are a very dark brown shade you can choose a lighter brown shade to add subtle depth to your base shade. If you prefer to have a more contrasted look then choose a brown hair extension shade much lighter or darker to make them really stand out!!


You can also use brown hair extensions to try out the dip dyed look. Instead of choosing wefts in a similar length to your own as you would to create a highlighted look you can opt for one that is a little longer. The best way to get the dip dyed look is to fit the brown hair extension wefts a little lower down on your head, but not to cover the very bottom layer of your own hair. This will allow the extra length to sit underneath your own and give you the look without having to dye your own hair!

They can also be used to help with updo’s! If your bun doesn’t look as full as you would like it to or your plait/braid isn’t as long as you would like, choosing brown hair extensions (or any other suitable shade) can help give your updo’s extra oomph! It’s always best to fit the brown hair extensions where your updo will be positioned as the extra hair can help hide where they have been clipped in :)