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Clip In Hair Extensions

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Different Types of Hair Extensions
In this article, we take a deep-dive into the different types of hair extensions such as Clip-in and Tape-in hair extensions, Micro-Link and Cold Fusion hair extensions, Pre-Bonded hair extensions using Hot-Fusion methods and Sew-In hair extensions. We explain the pros and cons for each of the different types of hair extensions, so you can decide which method is best...

Clip-In Hair Extensions; 10 Top Tips

Clip-In Hair Extensions; 10 Top Tips
Having clip-in hair extensions gives you the versatility to modify your style and up your hair game. Instantly transforming your hair from short to long or adding extra volume, clip-in extensions are a commitment-free investment to switching-up your style.Ensuring your extensions look natural and are comfortable in your hair is especially important, whilst your aftercare routine will play a vital...

How to Blend Hair Extensions Into Short Hair

How to Blend Hair Extensions Into Short Hair
Having a short, blunt hairstyle or ‘Lob’ can be difficult when trying to blend your hair extensions. In this post, we will share some of our top tips that will allow you to blend your shorter hair, seamlessly. If you have shorter or fuller hair, we do recommend our thickest amount of extensions for your lob; either a Superior or...

Best Sulphate-Free Shampoo for Hair Extensions

Best Sulphate-Free Shampoo for Hair Extensions
Do I need to use Sulphate-free shampoo to wash my clip-in hair extensions? The sulphates in shampoo are what makes the product lather when mixed with water. These sulphates however can strip the hair of any natural oils. Once your hair has natural oils removed, it produces sebum (hair oil) to ensure it is retaining moisture and replace any oils...

Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

do-hair-extensions-damage-your-hairThere are some pretty scary pictures of hair extensions flying around the internet, terrifying us with those glue-in horrors. We see you, Britney 2007! But we don’t want you to think it’s all doom, gloom and bald patches. Often these disasters stem from not applying or looking after your extensions properly rather than from the extensions themselves.  Continue reading →

How To Protect Your Hair Extensions From Heat Damage

protect-your-hair-extensions-from-heat-damageHave you noticed how many contrasting hair trends there are right now? Super sleek straightened hair, brushed out wavy curls, the Californian Blow Dry - all of which require serious styling and serious options for protecting your hair extensions from heat damage. Achieving these looks with your Milk + Blush hair extensions is easy as they are 100% Remy Human Hair, so you can style them just like your own. Continue reading →

How To Revive Your Hair Extensions

We get that buying hair extensions is a big investment which is why we're answering one of your most asked questions today... how to revive them. Reviving your old set of hair extensions will help to add longevity to your set and replace the moisture lost to bring them back to life. Our extensions can last anything from 3 months to a year depending on how much you wear and heat style them but with this tutorial, you'll be able to make them last much longer. Continue reading →

How To Get Negin Mirsalehi’s Hair With Hair Extensions

negin-mirsalehi-hair-extensions Whenever someone asks what we wish our hair looked like, Negin Mirsalehi always comes to mind. Her long, thick, impossibly glossy mane is beyond perfect and we’d pretty much do anything to achieve that level of hair goals. As impressive as it is that hers is totally natural, not all of us were blessed with super thick hair and need the help of hair extensions to make it happen. Today we’re going to break down her look and give you all the products you need to get her insta worthy vibe, you’re welcome… Continue reading →

How To Clip In The Luxurious Set

how-to-clip-in-luxurious-hair-extensions-1-milk-and-blush-blog One of the most important things when wearing hair extensions is making sure that you’ve clipped the wefts in the right place. This is what will make them look totally natural and seamlessly blended. We often get questions about placement which is why we’ve decided to do a dedicated post on clipping in each set so that you know you’re doing it right. Today we’re sharing with you guys how to clip in our thickest set, the Luxurious.  Continue reading →

How To Clip In The Superior Set

how-to-clip-in-superior-hair-extensions-1-milk-and-blush-blogWhether you’re new to hair extensions or just want to try out a new set, knowing where to place the wefts is really important. This can make or break how they look and getting it right will make them look seamlessly blended and totally natural. To help you guys out we’re sharing a post on each set with a step by step guide on where to place each weft.  Continue reading →

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