Clip In Hair Extensions

How To Take Care Of Your M+B Hair Extensions

main-how-to-take-care-of-hair-extensions-milk-and-blush Just picked up a new set of Milk + Blush hair extensions? Yes girl! There’s no better feeling or more of a confidence boost than treating yourself and we’re sure you’re super excited to get styling them. Clip-ins are by far the most versatile method of hair extensions and they’ll give you loads of options when it comes to creating looks. Continue reading →

How To Make Clip In Bangs With Your Old Hair Extensions

1-fake-bangs-milk-and-blush Umming and ahing about bangs? Because girl, same! They can look so amazing but the fact that they take a year and a half to grow out has us feeling a little nervous. This is exactly why we’ve experimented with an old set and found a way to make some clip in bangs that are way less scary and totally temporary. Here’s what you need to do.... Continue reading →

The M+B Christmas Gift Guide

milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-gift-guide Christmas is finally here and we’re crazy excited to inhale mince pies, sing our fave holiday songs and plan our party looks! That being said, the shopping part can be a little daunting and we’ve been getting lots of q’s from confused besties trying to find the right gift for their M+B obsessed friend. If you’re not into wearing extensions yourself then figuring out what to get can be a little overwhelming. This is exactly why we’ve created our 2018 gift guide to help make your Christmas shopping experience super quick and easy! Here’s what you need to know... Continue reading →

5 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Old Extensions

5-Cool-Things-You-Can-Do-With-Your-Old-Extensions If you love hair extensions as much as we do then we’re guessing you’ve got a few old sets hanging around in your vanity that you’re not sure what do with. As much as you don’t want to wear them we get that you don’t want to throw them away either as they’re such an investment and super special. So, to help you with this dilemma we thought we’d give you a little inspiration and show you a few cool things you can do with your old hair extensions. Bobby pins at the ready, gals... Continue reading →

How To Blend Really Long Hair Extensions Really, really, like REALLY long hair is having a major moment right now thanks to Kim K and Ariana Grande. This trend doesn’t seem to be going away either and if anything, the locks of our fave celebrities are just getting longer. Being hair extension queens we’ve been pretty obsessed with this vibe for a long time but we’re glad that everyone’s finally embracing it this year. Continue reading →

How To Fake Ombre Hair With M+B Hair Extensions

how-to-fake-ombre-hair-extensions-milk-and-blush Hands up if you get bored of your hair colour? Because same. With new trends coming out everyday and the Kardashians switching it up even more often than usual a new dye job couldn’t be more appealing. Bleaching and using hair dyes can be risky though, especially if you do it regularly, and we’re definitely not up for the risk of losing our hair just to get some extra insta likes. Continue reading →

Milk + Blush Hair Extension Shades

milk-and-blush-shades-and-colours Incase you haven’t noticed, we’ve switched up a few things recently… *cough cough* gorgeous website…. We’ve also got four new sets to give you even more versatility with your extensions and we’ve changed a few shade names too. In honour of our mini makeover we thought we’d take the opportunity to break down all 26 colours to help you find your perfect one or just to give you a little inspiration. Continue reading →

The Best M+B Red Hair Shade For Your Skin Tone

milk-and-blush-red-shades Thinking of going red? We don’t blame you. Everyone from Rihanna to Blake Lively has tried it out and the results are always amazing. Before you make the switch though it’s really important that you find the right auburn shade for your skin tone. Picking the wrong one can draw out all sorts of crazy colours in your skin from pink all the way to green, eek! To avoid any mistakes we’re breaking down our 3 red shades to help you find the right one for you. Continue reading →

How To Stop Your Hair Extensions From Matting

How-To-Stop-Your-Hair-Extensions-From-Matting It’s super annoying when your extensions get knotty especially at the nape of your neck, urghhh! But just as your natural hair gets tangled during the day it’s totally normal for your hair extensions to do the same thing. That doesn’t make it any less annoying but there are some simple steps you can follow to stop your hair extensions from matting. Let’s go... Continue reading →

M+B Clip In Hair Extensions - Everything You Need To Know About The New Sets

milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-classic-regular-set Hold on to your bobby pins honey because something big has officially landed. We’re switching it up here at M+B and introducing some cool new sets that are going to give you the dreamiest hair ever. We’re always listening out for what you love about your extensions and what you need to feel your most confident which is why we’ve decided to try something new. So keep scrolling and let us know what you think... Continue reading →

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