Clip In Hair Extensions

How To: Create Ponytails With Hair Extensions

how to create ponytails using hair extensions milk + blush This week I’m going to show you guys how you can create three ponytail hairstyles using your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions. I’ll be demonstrating how to create a sleek high ponytail, a pretty low ponytail and a twist on a side ponytail all using your dreamy Milk + Blush Hair. Continue reading →

How to Apply Milk + Blush Hair Extensions

how- to-clip-in-milk-and-blush-hair-extensionsSo, you’ve just received your dreamy Milk + Blush hair extensions and you can’t wait to flaunt those luscious locks, but you’re not sure how to apply them to get the best results. Don’t worry girl, we’ve got you! We’ve created a simple step-by-step guide to show you how to clip in your hair extensions to create a flawless, natural look - woohoo! Continue reading →

5 Hair Extensions Tricks For Thin Hair

5-hair-extension-tricks. If you have thin hair, hair extensions are probably your saviour for achieving voluminous, thick locks. We know it can be a little difficult to blend your hair extensions with thin hair - especially hiding the clips and wefts. So today, with the help of our vlogger Mim, we’re going to give you some much needed top tips for using hair extensions with thin hair. Continue reading →

5 MUST KNOW Hair Extension Tricks

5 Must Know Hair Extension Tricks Do you ever wonder why some girls hair extensions look super fake whilst with others you can’t even notice they are wearing them? It’s all in the way you wear them, gals. Today we’re making sure you’re in the know and giving you 5 must know hair extensions tricks. Continue reading →

10 Signs It’s Time To Get A New Set Of Hair Extensions

10 signs it's time to get a new set of hair extensions We know the time always comes, you've given them all the love in the world, cared for them as though they were your first born, they've even chaperoned you on many a first date. But sadly, there comes a time when you have to say a little prayer and lay your weave to rest. It’s not all sad though, as you’re ready for a brand new set of hair extensions and it’s not goodbye forever to your old extensions. Continue reading →

How to Straighten Clip-In Hair Extensions

How to Straighten Clip-In Hair ExtensionsOur guide on how to keep curls in your hair extensions was so popular that today, we’re tackling another frequently asked question: how to straighten clip-in hair extensions. Continue reading →

Best Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

best hair extensions for thick hair Ever get the problem where you find the perfect shade of hair extensions and then realise they’re not going to blend well with your naturally thick locks? THAT. But don’t panic, as we have ticked off everything you need to know about finding the best hair extensions for thick hair. Continue reading →

What Not to Use on Hair Extensions

What not to use on clip in hair extensions Are you wondering why your hair extensions are dry, brittle and damaged? Then perhaps you might want to take a closer look at the products you’re lathering, styling and maintaining your hair extensions with. If you’re not sure which products are safe to use on your extensions, then these tips on what not to use on clip in hair extensions might come in handy. Continue reading →

How to Make Hair Extensions Shiny

How to Make Hair Extensions ShinyLadies, want to know how to make hair extensions shiny? Then read on to find out our shine-enhancing staples and how to keep your lustrous locks looking, well, lustrous, for as long as possible! Continue reading →

How to Use Hair Extensions for Volume

How to Use Hair Extensions for Volume
Want voluminous, thick, lustrous locks this season? Then wave goodbye to lack-lustre hair as we show you how to use hair extensions for volume. Read on to find out our tips on how to give a your tresses a boost. Continue reading →

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