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The Best Hair Masks For Damaged Hair

the-best-hairmasks-for-damaged-hair-main Now that winter is officially here it’s even more important to care for your damaged hair as the wind and rain can be really harsh on your strands. Hair masks are a great way to keep your hair topped up with moisture and damage-free. When your hair is dry it’s more prone to breakage and frizz which is why it’s so important to mask regularly. Today we’re sharing with you guys the best masks for damaged hair that will help to improve your hair health and nourish your strands.  Continue reading →

What To Do If You Hate Your New Haircut

We’ve all been there, staring at our reflection in the insanely unflattering salon mirror wondering why on earth we just let someone butcher our hair. It’s so heartbreaking and it can be really hard to know what to do when you find yourself in that situation. Do you tell them? Do you just wait for it to grow? It’s such a struggle but crying all the way home from the hairdressers isn’t going to make it any better. Continue reading →

Hair Products That Damage Your Hair

damaging-hair-productsWe get that there are bigger culprits when it comes to hair damage, like heat styling or dyeing, but your hair products could be killing your strands too. As crazy as it seems, not all of the products you buy have your hair health in mind and are more of a temporary fix than a long term solution. That’s why it’s so important to get clued up on what you’re using so that you can avoid doing any damage. If you’re not sure where you’re going wrong we’ve put together a list of the worst offenders to help you out... Continue reading →

Oily Roots And Dry Ends? Here's What You Need To Do...

oily-roots-dry-ends Combination hair is almost as annoying as combination skin in that you’re never quite sure which products to use. Sure, a serum would really help your dry ends but it’s just going to add to the greasiness on top of your head. Combat that with dry shampoo and it’ll work its way down and zap your ends of moisture. The struggle is real. Continue reading →

Hair Treatments You Can Do At Your Desk

  We get that if you’re busy at work then your hair isn’t going to be a priority which is why we’ve found a few ways you can boost your strands from the comfort of your desk. Obviously, these will depend on how strict your office is but we’re sure you’ll be able to fit in a hair pick me up when your boss is on lunch... Continue reading →

This Is How Exercise Benefits Your Hair

We’re guessing that your hair wasn’t the first reason you joined the gym or started going to a workout class but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hair benefits. Sure working off your daily coffee and croissant habit is important but working out will give your hair a serious boost too.  Continue reading →

How To Prep Your Hair For The Colder Weather

how-to-prep-your-hair-for-the-colder-weather So while we soak up the very last of the sunshine we thought it was time to start planning our routines for the colder months. Prepping your hair before the weather changes is a great way to prevent damage and to keep it looking healthy. Continue reading →

This Is Why Your Hair Looks Dull…

hair-extensions Glossy hair means healthy hair, right? Right. How shiny, or not so shiny your hair is looking is 100% an indicator of its overall health. Dullness is a sign that it’s lacking in moisture, damaged or too overloaded with product so it’s definitely something you need to be aware of. Most of the time it’s more to do with your bad hair habits than anything else but knowing why it happens will help you to avoid causing more damage in the future. Continue reading →

Eating These Foods Will Supercharge Your Hair Growth

Hair growth hacks are one of the most searched things on the internet thanks to so many of us damaging our strands or having a haircut we regret. From massaging your scalp to flipping it upside down or showering it with rice water, there aren’t a lot of things people won’t do to get longer hair. Continue reading →

Tips and Tricks For Dry Hair

tips-and-tricks-for-dry-hair-milk-and-blush As we’re approaching autumn it’s a good time to start changing up our hair routines. The colder weather, rain and wind can all play a part in stripping our hair of moisture leaving it looking a little lacklustre. For dry hair types, this can be particularly worrying as they’re already a lot more prone to damage. When your hair is dry the outer layer starts to break down making it harder for it to retain moisture. This is why it’s so important to keep it topped up with nourishment so that it stays looking healthy. Continue reading →

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