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Hair Care

How To Stop Chlorine From Ruining Your Hair

If you haven’t been away yet then we’re guessing that you’re pretty excited to hit the pool. Is there any better way to cool down after sunbathing with a cocktail? We don’t think so. It is, however, a bit of a good hair day killer as all that chlorine can seriously damage your strands. It’s not the end of the world though and we definitely wouldn’t skip swimming because of it. That being said, you might want to follow these tips… Continue reading →

Will A Scalp Massage Really Make Your Hair Grow?

Will-A-Scalp-Massage-Really-Make-Your-Hair-GrowWhenever we post anything about making your hair grow we see a massive spike in interest and it totally figures. Cutting your hair takes a second but growing out a bad haircut takes an awful lot longer. We’re constantly told to trim, mask and avoid heat on our strands if we want them to grow but the hair follicles are often neglected in the process. Your scalp is the only part of your hair that’s living so it’s super important that it’s getting all the nourishment it needs. Continue reading →

How To Find A Good Hairstylist

how-to-find-a-good-hairstylist-image-1 You know that feeling right? When you’re sitting in the salon chair, trying not to cry over your hair and pretending to the stylist that you love it, right before googling ‘wig’ on the way home. If this has ever happened to you then you’ll know how important it is to find a hairstylist you can trust if you want to avoid a disaster. Continue reading →

Does Sleep Affect Your Hair Growth?

In an age where we never ever switch off it figures that more and more of us are struggling to get enough sleep. As most of us use our phones as our alarm it’s hard not to get tempted to scroll through Instagram in the middle of the night and really throw off our sleep pattern. On average we all need around 7-9 hours of sleep but barely any of us are actually getting it. This wouldn’t be so much of a big deal if it didn’t have an impact on our bodies, and it wouldn’t be so much of a big deal to us if it didn’t have an impact on our hair.  Continue reading →

Why Your Hair Looks Greasy After Air Drying…

Why-Your-Hair-Looks-Greasy-After-Air-Drying If you’re trying to grow your hair or improve its condition then avoiding heat tools is super important. One of the biggest offenders is the humble blow dryer which is why so many of us are ditching it in favour of air drying. As much as it’s more time consuming now, the long term hair benefits are definitely worth it. Continue reading →

5 Ways To Make Your Hair Routine More Sustainable

ways-to-make-your-hair-routine-sustainable-milk-and-blush Ok, so unless you’ve been living under a rock you must be pretty aware that the world is cracking down on how much plastic we’re using. This is especially true of the haircare industry, which has been singled out as the biggest offender. With all that washing, dyeing, heat styling and product spraying; we’re creating a pretty big footprint with our routines. In light of this, it figures that brands and consumers are making big changes towards more sustainable products and ingredients. Continue reading →

7 Habits Of Girls Who Have Perfect Hair

habits-to-get-perfect-hair-milk-and-blush-blog-main-image We all know someone that gives us continuous hair envy. Whether they have super long locks, no split ends or just constantly glossy looking hair; we all want to know how they make it happen. So, in the quest for hair perfection we’ve scoured the internet for all the healthy hair habits of girls who have perfect hair. Turns out going to bed with wet locks and skipping the hair salon isn’t on the list... whoops. But making the time for these habits will be so worth it if you want your hair to look amazing... Continue reading →

5 Non Toxic Hair Products You Need To Try

5-Non-Toxic-Hair-Products-You-Need-To-Try-milk-and-blush We’ve really started to take notice of the ingredients in our beauty products and a lot of us are making the shift over to all natural alternatives. This is obviously really great, not only for our bodies but for the environment too. So, if you’re thinking of making the switch we’ve found 5 non-toxic hair products that are definitely worth trying out... Continue reading →

Can You Train Your Hair To Be Less Greasy?

Can-You-Train-Your-Hair-To-Be-Less-Greasy-milk-and-blush Incase you haven’t noticed, there’s been a huge surge in the no-poo movement recently. This is the fine art of completely scrapping shampoo in the quest for healthier and less greasy hair. As much as we’re all for promoting hair health, we feel like this a little extreme but we’re definitely up for anything that will help to beat the grease. Continue reading →

Is Drinking More Water Good For Your Hair?

is-drinking-water-good-for-your-hair-milk-and-blush-blog If you haven’t seen the before and after pictures of what drinking water can do for your skin then you need to google that, RIGHT NOW. It turns out upping our intake of water can do more for our complexion than any mask could and can rid us of dark circles and dryness in no time. After reading that, it figures we would start thinking about whether or not drinking more water could be good for our hair too? Here’s what we found out… Continue reading →

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