M+B Hair Horoscope: February 2020

It’s the month of LOVE and we’re so ready to ditch our New Year’s resolutions in favour of some cocktails and a fancy dinner date. As Mercury enters Pisces on March 3rd it’s boosting our communication skills and giving us all the confidence we need for Valentine’s Day. Sure, pretending we were sticking to our resolutions was fun but the smugness has worn off and it’s more than time to relax a little... Continue reading →

M+B Hair Horoscope: January 2020

Happy New Year and welcome to the first M+B Hair Horoscope of the decade! No matter what the stars had in store for you in 2019 we hope that you’re feeling good and inspired to make big things happen. It’s going to be an interesting one too, with a Lunar eclipse and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction all happening in the next 31 days. So clip in your hair extensions honey because it’s about to get real… Continue reading →

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