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Thanksgiving Hairstyles

thanksgiving-hairstyles Are you a little stuck for ideas for your thanksgiving hairstyle? Simply take a look at our top picks to ensure you’re looking oh so chic for the holiday celebrations. So instead of stressing, take a seat, relax and decide which one of these thanksgiving hairstyles will be adorning your hair tomorrow… Continue reading →

Twisted Braid Hair Tutorial

twisted-braid-hair-tutorial Today, our lovely vlogger Mim is going to let you in on how to achieve this gorgeous twisted braid hairstyle. This braid is the perfect alternative to french/dutch braids if you aren’t that much of a whizz at braiding, making it oh so easy to get in on the super hot hair trend of the moment… Continue reading →

Winter Hair Trends

Winter Hair TrendsWinter is fast approaching and in dreamy hair world that means one thing… Winter Hair Trends of course! There are sooo many pretty hairstyles to wear this winter but we’ve whittled it down to our fave four to give you some inspo and send you on your way to super chic dreamy tresses… Continue reading →

Winter Hair Prep

winter-hair-prep With winter well and truly on it’s way we think it’s time to give our tresses some much needed winter hair prep. Do you want in, too?... Continue reading →

How To: Pumpkin Hair Mask

how-to-diy-pumpkin-hair-mask Halloween is around the corner and we know a fair few of you are going to get busy carving some pumpkins, right? If so, have you ever thought to do a DIY Pumpkin Hair Mask with the leftovers? Instead of throwing it away, use this super food to your advantage and give your hair some much needed love. For super soft, smooth tresses check out our guide on how to create this must have hair mask… Continue reading →

How To: Wake Up With Perfect Hair

how-to-wake-up-with-perfect-hair Today, we’re letting you in on some must know tips to wake up with perfect hair. Yup, you heard us. Of course, there will be a little ruffling and touching up here and there, but generally you’ll be pretty much ready to go hair-wise when you wake up. Now, let’s get to it shall we? :)... Continue reading →

How To: Make Fine Hair Look Fuller

how-to-make-fine-hair-look-fuller Is your hair fine, limp and lifeless? Do you long for fuller, thicker hair? If so, you’ll be pleased to know there are sooo many tips and tricks to help fine hair appear thicker and today, we’re going to let you in on some of the top tips to help you thicken up your fine tresses… Continue reading →

How To: Keep Your Hair Extensions In Good Condition

how-to-keep-hair-extensions-in-good-condition We get soooo many questions asking for the best method to look after your beloved M + B Hair Extensions and how to keep them in good condition. So, we thought we’d give a little helping hand and put together a quick blog of our top tips for keeping your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions oh so dreamy… Continue reading →

Halloween How To: Harley Quinn Inspired Hairstyle

halloween-how-to-harley-quinn-inspired-hairstyle With Halloween on the horizon, Mim is giving us a helping hand with some much needed Halloween inspo. Did you love Suicide Squad as much as us!? If that’s a yes, then check out Mim’s tutorial on how to achieve this bad-ass Harley Quinn hairstyle… Continue reading →

How To: Classic Dutch Braids

how-to-classic-dutch-braids The classic dutch braid has become oh so popular over the summer months of 2016 and if we’re being honest, we’re still loving it. But for those of us with shorter tresses, achieving this hairstyle may prove a little difficult, right? Wrong - well, not with the help of M + B hair extensions anyway. Let our vlogger Mim show you how it’s done.... Continue reading →

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