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5 Chocolate Inspired Hair Products For Easter Weekend

5-Chocolate-Inspired-Hair-Products-For-Easter-Weekend-milk-and-blush-main We’re desperately trying to find something that will make us feel better about all the easter eggs we’ll be eating this weekend. Which is why we literally just googled ‘is chocolate good for your hair?’ and it turns out… It totally is! Those little cocoa beans are not just a mood boost or a tasty snack, but actually have a lot of hair boosting benefits too. They’re packed with iron, zinc and copper all of which promote cell renewal and boost circulation which encourages hair growth. **Leaves to pick up more easter eggs… Continue reading →

Hair Styling Lessons We Learnt From The Hills

mtv-the-hills-hairstyles-main-image-2 Believe it or not The Hills is officially back and even though it’s now more drinking water at the creche than cocktails at the beach, we’re totally here for it. That being said nothing could ever beat the original which was our go-to show for all the drama, fashion and hair inspiration teenage us could need. To celebrate our fave show being back on TV we thought we take a look at the hairstyling lessons it taught us way back when… Continue reading →

5 Bloggers To Follow For Hair Inspiration

5-Bloggers-To-Follow-For-Hair-Inspiration We love bloggers here at M+B and are constantly scrolling through the feed to find new trends and ideas we can recreate for you guys. After sitting front row, getting all the latest products and working with the best stylists, it figures these girls would know a lot about hair. So if you’re in need of some ideas for the gram here are our 5 favourite bloggers to follow for hair inspiration. Continue reading →

How Much A Model’s Hair Routine Really Costs…

models-hair-routine-how-much-does-it-cost-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-blogEver wondered how much it really costs to look like a supermodel? Because same. We want to know whether they have an army of serums or if those genetically blessed people just roll out of bed with perfect tresses. To shed some light on the situation we asked M+B model Mim to spill the products and treatments she uses every month to get photoshoot ready... Continue reading →

10 Signs You’re Dating An M+B Hair Extensions Addict

10-signs-you_re-dating-an-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-addict-blogDoes your whole life revolve around you girlfriend’s hair? If these 10 signs sound all too familiar, you might just be dating a Milk + Blush hair extensions addict…. Continue reading →

The History Of Hair Extensions

the-history-of-hair-extensions-blog-milk-and-blushYou might think that hair extensions are a relatively new thing but they’ve actually been around since pretty much forever. Turns out Cleopatra loved a peacock blue weft just as much as Kylie Jenner and even Queen Elizabeth I knew how to slay a hairpiece. To get you clued up we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the history of hair extensions from sheep’s wool braids, to seamless wefts and everything in between... Continue reading →

10 Ways To Make Your Hair Look Good In Instagram Pics

how-to-make-your-hair-look-good-in-instagram-picturesYour phone better be charged, your extensions better be in and your followers better be ready because today we’re giving you our 10 top tips to totally break the internet with your selfie. Continue reading →

10 Reasons to LOVE YOURSELF this Valentine's Day

10-reasons-to-love-yourself-on-valentines-day-milk-and-blushTo inspire all the body positive vibes a girl could wish for, here are 10 reasons to fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day... Continue reading →

9 Problems only Girls who wear M+B Clip in Hair Extensions will Understand

9-problems-only-girls-with-hair-extensions-will-understandLove your M+B Hair Extensions a little bit too much? Then these problems are going to be a pretty regular occurrence for you. It’s a hard life having flawless hair but someone has to do it... Continue reading →

Our New Years Hair Resolutions

Milk-and-blush-new-years-hair-resolutions You’ve heard of New Year's Resolutions, but what about New Year’s Hair Resolutions? Here at M+B HQ we’re on a quest to get the hair of our dreams in 2018 and while Milk + Blush Hair Extensions can certainly help along the way there are things that we can do to make our hair the best it can be this new year. Continue reading →

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