How To Get Glossy Hair

The only thing we’re working out in January is how to get the best hair and we’re starting strong with a few tips for super glossy tresses. This is the holy grail when it comes to great looking hair and can make such a big difference to your finished look, especially in pictures! So if your locks are looking dull after all that partying here’s what you need to do to bring them back to life. Continue reading →

New Years Resolutions That Are Good For Your Hair

MB-New-Years-Resolutions-That-Are-Good-For-Your-Hair Today we thought we’d share a few cool ideas that will help to give your locks a boost in 2019. We totally get that the whole ‘new year, new you’ thing is pretty lame but making positive changes doesn’t always mean signing up to the gym. New year’s resolutions can be a good way to set yourself up for a killer 12 months and these ideas will make a big difference to your hair health so they’re totally worth it! Continue reading →

The IGK Foamo Holographic Foam Is The Only Hair Product You Need For NYE

foamo-holographic-hair-foam-tutorial When we first saw the pics of the IGK Foamo holographic foam we thought it was definitely photoshopped but it turns out it looks even better in real life. It has an oil slick finish with tonnes of glitter on top that will give your hair all the mermaid vibes this NYE. Continue reading →

How To Wake Up With Perfect Hair On Christmas Day

how-to-wake-up-with-perfect-hair So obviously you’re going to do something with your hair for Christmas dinner but it figures that styling it as soon as you wake up isn’t going to be a priority. Not with all those presents to open... This is why it would be so dreamy to wake up with perfect hair on Christmas day so that you don’t have to make any effort but will still look flawless. These quick hacks will help you to do exactly that and are super easy to follow so there’s no excuses! Continue reading →

SS19 Hair Trends That Will Get You Totally Excited For The New Year

ss-2019-hair-trends-milk-and-blush Nothing gets us more excited for the new year than some killer hair trends and spring/summer 2019 is no exception. From textured braids, to baby bangs and some hair accessories we’ve already added to our Christmas list there are so many cool looks to try out. We get that you might think it’s a little early but if you want to be one step ahead of your bestie then these are the hair trends you need to get down... Continue reading →

Last Minute Party Looks For The Weekend Before Christmas

christmas-party-looks-1 It’s officially the weekend before Christmas (almost!) and here in the M+B office we’ve been experimenting with some last minute looks that we think you’ll love. With lots of catch ups and parties coming up we figured you’d be in need of a little extra inspiration and there’s a style here for pretty much every hair length and hair type. So if you have a glam invite in your inbox then keep scrolling to find your perfect look... Continue reading →

5 Quick Christmas Day Hairstyles

5-quick-christmas-day-hairstyles Christmas Day isn’t for wasting time getting ready but you definitely want to look your best and feel good, right? Especially if your mum takes loads of pics or if you need to brag about your dinner on insta stories... That’s why you need some quick hairstyles that are easy to put together so that you’ve got all the time for celebrating. Here are our 5 faves... Continue reading →

How To Make Clip In Bangs With Your Old Hair Extensions

1-fake-bangs-milk-and-blush Umming and ahing about bangs? Because girl, same! They can look so amazing but the fact that they take a year and a half to grow out has us feeling a little nervous. This is exactly why we’ve experimented with an old set and found a way to make some clip in bangs that are way less scary and totally temporary. Here’s what you need to do.... Continue reading →

4 Cute Hairstyles With ASOS Hair Accessories

hair-accessories-1-milk-and-blush We love shopping and any excuse to max out our cards we’re totally there! Which is why we have some exciting looks for you guys today featuring a few gorgeous hair accessories from ASOS. These hairstyles are super simple to create with your M+B hair extensions but the accessories will make it look like you spent hours getting ready! Here’s what you need to do....   Continue reading →

How To Go Longer Between Hair Washes

how-to-go-longer-between-hair-washes Imagine if you never had to wash your hair again? It would be so good! And we’d literally save a lifetime if we didn’t have to blowdry. Unfortunately that isn’t quite doable but stretching out the gap between washes definitely is. If you’re someone who shampoos everyday then you’re going to have a long way to go but it’ll be totally worth it and could help to improve your hair health too. Here’s what you need to do... Continue reading →