How To Switch Up Your Hair Routine For Autumn

milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-blog-how-to-update-your-hair-routine-autumn It may seem like a total waste of time to switch up your hair routine at the start of the season but it could actually make a massive difference. In the colder months your strands get drier and are more prone to frizziness and damage so it’s really important that you’re using the right products. There are also a few other quick hacks we’re filling you in on today that can really help your hair in the cold too. So if you want the glossiest mane this autumn then you better keep scrolling. Continue reading →

5 Bloggers To Follow For Hair Inspiration

5-Bloggers-To-Follow-For-Hair-Inspiration We love bloggers here at M+B and are constantly scrolling through the feed to find new trends and ideas we can recreate for you guys. After sitting front row, getting all the latest products and working with the best stylists, it figures these girls would know a lot about hair. So if you’re in need of some ideas for the gram here are our 5 favourite bloggers to follow for hair inspiration. Continue reading →

How To Use Your Boyfriend’s Hair Products When You Forget Yours

How-To-Use-Your-Boyfriend’s-Hair-Products-When-You-Forget-Yours-milk-and-blush Ever stayed at your boyfriend’s and totally forgotten your hair products? Then this post is going to be perfect for you. As much as smelling like cologne for a day isn’t top of our list, it turns out that there’s some amazing stuff hiding in his bathroom cupboard. From wax, to pomade and even beard oil, we’re sharing 6 of your boyfriend’s hair products you can use when you forget yours. Continue reading →

7 Hat Hairstyles To Wear This Autumn

7-Hat-Hairstyles-To-Wear-This-Autumn-hair-extensions-milk-and-blush It’s officially autumn and with it we’re so ready to revamp our wardrobes and try out some new looks. As hats are a style staple in the colder months it figures that we’d start thinking about the perfect hairstyles to match. So before it gets too cold to function here are 7 hat hairstyles that you need to wear this autumn. Continue reading →

Budget Dupes For Your Fave Ouai Products

Budget-Dupes-For-Your-Fave-Ouai-Products-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions If you love OUAI as much as we do then this post is going to totally change your life. Well... maybe not your life but definitely your bank balance. We’ve scoured the shelves and hunted down all the best dupes for your fave OUAI products that are a lot more affordable but just as effective. Continue reading →

Fall 2018 Catwalk Hair Trends

FALL-2018-CATWALK-HAIR-TRENDS-BLOG If you thought fashion week was just about clothes then you’re clearly not as obsessed with hair as we are. Every season we look to the catwalks for hairstyle inspiration for the coming months and AW18 was no exception. This year there were a lot of wet look, messy waves and wind swept textures that we can’t wait to try out as the weather gets colder. Here are the key styles you need to see... Continue reading →

French Girl Hair Hacks

french-girl-hair-hacks-milk-and-blush-hair-hacks We’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve gone to bed with wet hair hoping to wake up like Clémence Poésy but waking up more like Edward Scissorhands. French girls make it look so effortless but getting that balance of done but totally undone is way harder than it looks. From finding the right products to keeping your hair in good condition these are the 7 French girl hair hacks you need to know. Continue reading →

Jonathan Van Ness’ Best Hair Tips

Jonathan-Van-Ness’-Best-Hair-Tips-queer-eye-milk-and-blush If you haven’t binged watched both seasons of Queer Eye at least 3 times then you’re not living life right. These 5 guys have transformed lives and looks like no one else and their cute friendship and even cuter outfits are beyond goals. Today we’re gonna focus on our go-to hair guru Jonathan Van Ness though, because what he doesn’t know about hair just isn’t worth knowing. Here are our 6 fave hair tips from the man himself... Continue reading →

This Is How Your Period Affects Your Hair

milk-and-blushThis-Is-How-Your-Period-Affects-Your-Hair As if periods weren’t a big enough struggle it turns out our monthly gift could be wreaking havoc on our locks as well as our mood swings. As crazy as it sounds our periods could be affecting our hair throughout the entire month and turning a good hair day into a really bad one. From the beginning to the end of your cycle this is exactly how your period affects your hair. Continue reading →

Heatless Faux Perm

the-heatless-perm-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions This week we’re bringing you all things big hair with a step by step guide on how to create the ultimate faux perm. Yes you heard us right, we said perm. Continue reading →