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5 New Haircare Launches To Add To Your Christmas List

Still haven’t written your Christmas list? Don’t worry honey, we’ve got you totally covered with the coolest new haircare releases just in time for the big day... Continue reading →

Hair Products That Damage Your Hair

damaging-hair-productsWe get that there are bigger culprits when it comes to hair damage, like heat styling or dyeing, but your hair products could be killing your strands too. As crazy as it seems, not all of the products you buy have your hair health in mind and are more of a temporary fix than a long term solution. That’s why it’s so important to get clued up on what you’re using so that you can avoid doing any damage. If you’re not sure where you’re going wrong we’ve put together a list of the worst offenders to help you out... Continue reading →

New In Hair Products You Need For Autumn

Sure, summer is great but nothing beats popping your cosiest jumper on and taking a sip of your first PSL in the autumn. That, and trying out all the new launches that are here to save our strands. Cold weather brings with it a whole new wave of hair woes to tackle but there’s nothing a little haul can’t fix, not that we need an excuse... Continue reading →

Hair Straightener Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Hair-Straightener-MistakesWe're guessing that you've got a pair of hair straighteners as they're a must-have for most of us to smooth our strands or to add some quick curls. They’re not something people tend to ask about, as most of us think we have it down but in reality, we haven’t quite nailed hair straighteners as much as we think. So, if your ends are looking fried or if your hairstyle isn’t lasting as long as you’d like it too then these could be the reasons why... Continue reading →

Curling Wand Mistakes You’re Making And How To Correct Them

Curling-Wand-Mistakes-You’re-Making-And-How-To-Correct-ThemIf you’re struggling to create our signature Milk + Blush waves or to get your hair to hold a curl at all then these tips are definitely for you. It’s one of our most asked questions but most of the time it’s because people are making simple mistakes. To help you guys out we’re going to break down each one so that you know exactly how to nail a curl and make it last. Continue reading →

The Best Hair Dryer Setting For Your Hair Type

The-Best-Hair-Dryer-Setting-For-Your-Hair-Type-main-milk-and-blush-blogWhether you’re blow drying your hair everyday or every few days it’s super important that you’re using the right settings. A blow dryer is one of the most damaging hair styling tools and that’s often because people switch to the highest heat when they don’t need to. To help you guys out we’re filling you in on each setting and the different hair types they work for. Here’s to salon worthy hair in no time… Continue reading →

All The New Hair Products You Need For Summer

All-The-New-Hair-Products-You-Need-For-Summer-milk-and-blush-main If you haven’t already then now is the perfect time to really clear out your beauty stash in time for the summer. As the weather changes so do your hair care needs and if you’re not keeping up then you’re going to have some pretty straw like strands. Luckily the beauty industry is always around to tempt us with some new releases and summer 2019 is no exception. So if you want to fight the frizz and keep your colour then this is everything you need... Continue reading →

5 Non Toxic Hair Products You Need To Try

5-Non-Toxic-Hair-Products-You-Need-To-Try-milk-and-blush We’ve really started to take notice of the ingredients in our beauty products and a lot of us are making the shift over to all natural alternatives. This is obviously really great, not only for our bodies but for the environment too. So, if you’re thinking of making the switch we’ve found 5 non-toxic hair products that are definitely worth trying out... Continue reading →

5 Chocolate Inspired Hair Products For Easter Weekend

5-Chocolate-Inspired-Hair-Products-For-Easter-Weekend-milk-and-blush-main We’re desperately trying to find something that will make us feel better about all the easter eggs we’ll be eating this weekend. Which is why we literally just googled ‘is chocolate good for your hair?’ and it turns out… It totally is! Those little cocoa beans are not just a mood boost or a tasty snack, but actually have a lot of hair boosting benefits too. They’re packed with iron, zinc and copper all of which promote cell renewal and boost circulation which encourages hair growth. **Leaves to pick up more easter eggs… Continue reading →

The Best Budget Dupes For Oribe Hair Products

oribe-dupes-milk-and-blush-blog Oribe is one of the most expensive hair care brands EVER and as much as we’re a sucker for pretty packaging, we couldn’t justify picking up something every month. This is why we thought they’d be the best brand for a dupe post so that you can get the same dreamy hair but for way, way less. It wasn’t easy but we think we’ve found some good alternatives that work in the same way as the super expensive Oribe versions. Here’s what you need to pick up… Continue reading →

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