Essential Hairspray Hacks

essential-hairspray-hacksFor nearly 70 years hairspray has been the staple of our haircare routine, taming our strands and holding our hard styling work in place hour after hour. Curls would never be the same without it and so many iconic hairstyles wouldn’t have been born either. So, to help you make the most of this little magic can we thought we’d share some essential hairspray hacks today that you seriously need to know.

Give your accessories extra hold

Giving your hair extension clips, bobby pins and hair bobbles a spritz of hairspray will make it easier for them to grip the hair and really boost their staying power. This is a particularly good one for fine and straight hair.

Tame flyaways and static

There’s nothing worse than pesky flyaway strands and baby hairs ruining a sleek style. To get a super smooth finish spray the hairspray onto your brush or comb and run it through your hair to reduce static and get a smooth, shiny finish.

essential-hairspray-hacksFor volume

Setting your hair in the opposite direction to where it naturally falls is the key to a big voluminous finish. To create lots of volume with your hairspray just flip your hair upside down, evenly coat it and wait for it to set before flipping back up.

For Hollywood worthy hold

A staple hack of red carpet stylists is to use hairspray before and after styling it. This ensures all the strands are coated and gives you maximum hold that will last all night. Just make sure you don’t forget the heat protection too as hairspray isn’t a substitute!

Combat greasy hair

Hairspray contains alcohol which helps to soak up the extra sebum on your scalp and leave it looking way fresher. If you pick up one that’s volumising too it’ll be extra effective at boosting the look of your locks.

Seal in temporary colour

If you like to experiment with temporary colour chalks or sprays you can use a hairspray to hold in the colour for longer. Simply coat the hair after applying them to lock it in. It’ll still wash off but it just gives you a few more hours of wear and it won’t transfer on your clothes either!

essential-hairspray-hacksUse the barrel as a curl shaper

When creating classic waves you can use the barrel of the hairspray can to shape the hair and get the perfect crease. Just dust your hair with hairspray and then push it around the bottle to mold it into shape. You can check out this video from Jen Atkin’s OUAI channel for a quick tutorial on this one too.

Don’t get so close

Not so much a hack but a really important thing to note is that you need to hold the can about 30cm away from your hair. Anything closer and you will only serve to create a big, sticky circle in one patch which we definitely don’t want! For a super even coverage keep moving it around your head as you go too and make sure to section the hair too so that you catch the pieces underneath.

We hope you loved these hacks as much as we do and as always if you have any of your own pop them in the comments box below.