Hair Extensions For Short Hair


A lot of people get a little confused when it comes to hair extensions and short hair, most people think that if you have short hair you definitely can’t wear hair extensions. Which is actually, definitely NOT the case. You just have to get the balance right and you’re good to go. Read on to find out what we’re talking about…

First things first, let’s get one thing out of the way... If you have a pixie hair cut and are considering getting 24-26” hair extensions - please reconsider this. It is much harder to blend super short hair with super long hair extensions. Which is what we mean by getting the balance right…

Take Chrissy Teigen who has a shoulder length bob and can get away with wearing hair extensions and pulling them off as though they are her own hair (she is a big fan of them just like us!). Chrissy Teigen uses hair extensions to add length and volume to her tresses and to simply switch up her look. Chrissy adds around 10” to her locks and the outcome is a super natural finish which we adore. The most important aspect to helping hair extensions blend is matching the texture of hair extensions to your own hair. Chrissy will style the hair extensions just as she would her own hair which gives the illusion of natural, long tresses.


Queen Bey is another celeb who gets away with wearing hair extensions with super short hair, too. If you look closely you will see that Beyonce has had subtle layers cut into her hair extensions, this helps when blending hair extensions with short hair. The super big, curly hairstyle that Beyonce has styled her hair extensions into also help disguise the shorter strands and the texture also matches perfectly, too. This was most likely achieved by crimping the hair, brushing out and then using a curling wand to achieve the super tight curls. Finishing by brushing out the tight curls to achieve that big hair Beyonce works perfectly.


Now, if you have a short blunt hair cut at the moment, don’t worry - you can still get away with wearing hair extensions. Simply ask your hairstylist to point cut the ends of your hair (this will get rid of the blunt finish) and add your hair extensions. Again, you will find it super difficult to blend your hair with 24-26” hair extensions, we think 12-14” and/or 16-18” hair extensions are the perfect length to work with shorter tresses. If your hair is super sleek like RiRi’s,  be sure to straighten your hair in with your hair extensions for a flawless finish. Trust us, no one will eeeever know you’re wearing your faithful hair extensions.


Do you have any tricks for blending hair extensions with short hair? : )