Hair Extensions for Thin and Fine hair

Quad_Weft_Hair_Extension_1If you have thin or baby fine hair and are looking for a ‘new do’ then look no further as Dirty Looks clip in hair extensions are perfect for fine hair as well as thick hair!

If you’ve thought about getting hair extensions but, are concerned that your hair is too fine then there’s really no need to worry as the clips used for the wefts in the Dirty Looks hair extensions are discreet.  You won’t have to worry about everyone seeing them and there are plenty of techniques you can try to give you a natural and glamorous look.

Styling Tips

A great tip to get the clips to hold on to your hair well is to backcomb your hair and hairspray it at the roots so the clips have something better to hold on to. Another fab idea is to wear the quad weft slightly lower down on your head for a more natural look.

Remember, Dirty Looks hair extensions are made with 100% Grade A remy human hair which means they are just perfect for styling and creating different looks whether your hair is thick or thin!