Hair to Suit Oblong Face Shapes

Hair to Suit Oblong Face ShapesKnowing your face shape is an imperative when heading to the hair salon, and one cut wrong can lead you to sulking until it eventually grows out. Although the hair stylist may persuade you that a blunt pair of bangs will look gorgeous on you, it won’t do anything for your self-esteem if it doesn’t flatter your face shape!

So we’re here to guide you on what hairstyles suit oblong faces and boost your confidence along the way :)

Hair to suit oblong face shapesIf you’re face is long and quite narrow like the Queen of cool Alexa Chung, then you can call yourself an oblong kinda gal. Although this face shape is lucky to be able to pull off most hairstyles (wide waves and side swept locks are a few to name), there are a few to steer clear from and others to cosy up to. Here’s what hairstyles we recommend to suit oblong face shapes:


Bangs looks great on oblong faces as it helps to give the illusion of a shorter shape and frames the face perfectly. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and having bangs cut in, then why not opt for a choppy pair like Miss Chung? The sweeping fringe coupled with choppy layers will soften the oblong shape and add a feminine touch to your envious face shape.


OK, so short hairstyles aren’t oblong gals best friend, but there are ways around to win the bob over and still look gorgeous! When thinking of short hairstyles, take notes from Alexa Chung. Rather than having a blunt bob or a solid pixie haircut, choose a layered bob that’s imperfectly ‘done’. Again, this will soften your face shape and provide your hair with movement, to give the illusion of a wider face structure. Throw in some tousled waves and you have yourself a recipe for hot hair!


We’re all partial to an updo, especially as it’s one of the most versatile hairstyles to rely on for when we're looking for a quick hair transformation! To get the ultimate updo for oblong face shapes, we suggest avoiding anything that’s going to accentuate the length of your face. Instead, opt for whimsical braids that are going to frame the face, rather than draw attention to the narrowness of it. Retro curls and glamorous ponytails also look staggeringly beautiful on oblong face shapes, so dig out your tongs and start curling!

Do you have an oblong face shape? If so, we’d love to hear which are your fail-safe hairstyles.