How To Control Your Bangs This Summer


Bangs in the winter? Super chic and cosy. Bangs in the summer? Uhh… That’s another story. If you’ve had bangs during the holiday season then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. One minute they’re perfect and the next they’re super greasy and stuck to your forehead. The struggle is real.

However, it’s not totally impossible to keep them under control in the summer, you just need to know the right hacks and need to have a lot of patience. So if a holiday and a haircut are on your to-do list, here’s a guide to keeping your bangs in line this summer...

Dry Shampoo Is Your Best Friend

You always want to apply dry shampoo, even if your hair is clean as it’ll help to prevent your bangs from soaking up the sweat from your forehead. Yes, it’s gross to think about but it’s also inevitable in the summer so it’s important that your hair is prepped. Dry shampoo also helps to add loads of texture, so it’ll make your bangs look super thick and healthy at the same time.

Thin Out Your Bangs

If you have blunt, thick bangs then it might be a good shout to get them thinned out before the summer. You just need to ask your stylist to feather the ends to take out some of the bulk. The thicker your bangs the warmer your skin will get underneath and the quicker it’ll get greasy, so it’s way better to keep them as light as possible in the summer.


Just Wash Your Bangs

This is so obvious but it’s the best way to revive your bangs if they’re looking super greasy. Sometimes dry shampoo just isn’t enough so that’s when you need to pull the rest of your hair back and wash your fringe separately. You could even do this everyday in the summer to keep on top of it and it’ll help to reduce the risk of breakouts on your forehead.

Blow Dry Them Into Place

Rather than letting your bangs dry naturally and then straightening them into place, it’s a way better idea to mould your hair when it’s wet. This will give your bangs more staying power and will help to avoid any irritating kinks. You want to do this with a round brush so that you can lift the root as this will stop them from sitting directly on your skin. Once you’re done you can then use the cool shot on your hairdryer to set them in place.


Invest In The Revlon Styler

We recently reviewed the round brush/hair dryer that everyone is obsessing over and trust us, it’s worth the hype. It also makes styling your bangs really easy and will give you insane root lift to prevent lacklustre bangs. You can use this every morning to restyle your hair and it’s also perfect for drying your bangs into the right shape. Click here for the video.

Have A Back Up Plan

If your bangs do get super greasy and are starting to stick to your forehead then you need to make sure you have a backup plan. Luckily hair clips are a big trend and small enough to keep in your bag at all times, so they’re perfect for emergencies. Mini bottles of dry shampoo are also a good shout and are great for topping up your hair during the day.

Oil Control

Ok, so this isn’t strictly hair related but it will definitely help. As the skin underneath your bangs gets hot it’s more likely to be oily, which will in turn make your bangs super greasy. To prevent this it’s a good shout to have some tools to hand that will keep it under control. Blotting paper or translucent powder would be ideal and both are small enough to carry around with you at all times. Just gently blot your skin every few hours and you’ll notice a big difference.