How to Get the Perfect Ponytail

How to get the perfect ponytail

Ponytails are easily one of the most versatile updos and luckily for us, they’re one of the most coveted trend for spring. But to get this season’s pony, the key is to keep it sleek, professional and polished, so we’ve compiled our top tips for how to get the perfect ponytail and how to finish the look properly.

How to get the perfect ponytail

Although most updos hold up best on second day hair that’s a little dirty, we recommend washing and shampooing your hair first to get the perfect ponytail. Lathering an indulgent, smoothing shampoo will create a smooth base for your pony to sit on and will enhance your updo’s softness.

If you’re going to shampoo your locks, then you might as well give your hair a dose of conditioner, too. Rather than using your daily conditioner, try a leave-in conditioner instead. This will help to lock in moisture and keep your hair looking super clean throughout the day.

How to get the perfect ponytail

Once you have given your locks a deep cleansing, it’s worth applying a straightening balm to your hair before blow drying and straightening straight, as this will also help to keep your pony looking seriously straight and lustrous, and make styling much easier. To get the perfect ponytail, one straightening product we love to use is the Tigi Bed Head Straighten Out Straightening Cream, as it seals the cuticle for a silky smooth finish and protects the hair from thermal damage. Plus, it’s spray application means that you can disperse the spray evenly onto the hair without getting messy.

The next step to getting the perfect ponytail is to decide on which type of pony you’re going to be rocking. Low ponytails are classic and elegant whilst gravity-defying high ponytails tend to be a bit more edgy and are great for those who wish to emphasise their cheekbones. Nevertheless, both ponies can look equally as sleek as each other. Whether it’s a high or low ponytail here’s how to get the perfect ponytail at whatever height you choose:

Low Ponytail

To get the perfect low ponytail, part your hair to the desired side and brush the hair smoothly down before gathering at the nape of the neck and securing with a small hair elastic. Finish off your low pony with a mist of hairspray to keep it looking as sleek and lustrous as possible.

How to get the perfect ponytail

High Ponytail

Alternatively, to get the perfect high ponytail, pull the top section of hair up and tease before smoothing down with a paddle brush. Then gather the rest of the hair up at the crown of the head and secure with a hair elastic. Again, mist the sides and back with hairspray to keep everything in place for a silky smooth finish.

If you want to add volume to your lacklustre, limp pony, then why not fake a voluminous updo with the Milk + Blush Clip-in Ponytail? What with its easy application (just clip it onto your natural pony) it’s the quickest way of achieving a fuller, perfect ponytail.

What do you think of our tips on how to get the perfect ponytail?