How To Make Hair Extensions Blend With Your Hair

how to make hair extensions blend into your hair

Clip in hair extensions are a great way of updating your look with no fuss and no commitment. How to make hair extensions blend with your hair is one of the main questions people have when they decide they want to invest in hair extensions. While some hair extensions can be noticeable if placed incorrectly, there are some foolproof ways to make your hair extensions blend into your own hair and look natural.  Here are our tips and tricks on how to get the perfect blend…

Tips & Tricks

  • Get the perfect shade
  • Get the right length
  • Blend them seamlessly
  • Flip it and Shake it out

choosing a hair extensions colour


The most tell-tale blending sign is when someone’s hair colour doesn’t match their extensions! It can be daunting trying to pick out your shade from a computer screen but there are several ways to ensure you get your natural match.

Dirty Looks offers a colour matching service, where you can send some photos of your hair to our technicians and they will guide you towards your perfect shade. If you prefer to find your shade by yourself, check out our handy guides that show you some of our favourite celebrity blondes and brunettes and tells you what shade they’d be…cool huh?

It is also key to think about what tone your hair is as this will help ensure you get an au-natural looking colour, so for example, you want some blonde hair extensions, but are you an ash-toned blonde… or a golden blonde? There are more to shades than blonde, brunette and redhead so the colour matching service is a very handy tool to get your extensions to blend perfectly with your hair colour.

If you still find the extensions are just slightly not the right shade for you, they are able to be dyed up to two shades darker, but we highly recommend that you don’t lighten them at all as they have already been through a chemical bleaching process.

Don’t forget, we also carry Highlight and Blusher wefts which are perfect for getting your ideal shade if your extensions are almost there, but not quite. The highlight and blusher wefts are great for people with hard to mimic natural highlights or a tricky in-between hair shade and are available as clip-in or glue-in pieces, meaning there’s an option to suit everyone.

length and blending hair extensions into your hair

Length and Blending:

Another way of creating the most natural look possible with your extensions is to make sure they are styled in the same way as your own hair. To get the best results, we’d suggest going to your stylist and asking them to trim or cut the hair in a similar way to yours. This will help the extensions blend seamlessly with your own locks. It is also important to consider your natural hair length when styling your extensions. Unfortunately for shorter haired ladies, making your extensions look natural takes a little more work. One of our top tips is to make sure that you pin back any shorter layers of hair on show such as any layers around your face to help fool people into thinking your gorgeously long locks are all your own.

Another major faux pas is when short haired lovelies pop on the longest set of extensions possible to get long locks. This never works as you can always see the difference between the short and long lengths of hair! If you have short hair and have purchased long extensions, layer blending wefts are a great choice for getting the lengths to blend well.

preparation and fitting hair extensions to make them blend

Prep and Fitting:

The way the extensions are placed into your hair is vitally important for ensuring your look remains natural. When placing the extensions onto your head, they will need something to grip onto. To do this, you have to spray hairspray onto your OWN hair and then gently tease before pushing the clips on. By doing this it allows the extensions to grip onto the birds nest and rest more securely.

It is also crucial to note your hair type; e.g finer hair will need more teasing than thicker hair to make the extensions blend nicely. You can try setting the extensions closer together to prevent your natural hair being seen. Another one of Dirty Looks’ favourite tips is to apply your bottom weft upside down so when you flip your head upright, all of your shorter hair will be hidden by the longer lengths!

Some people also find that it helps their extensions to look more natural if they gently shake them with their fingers once they’ve been clipped in. This will allow the extensions to mix with your own hair for a more seamless look but be careful you don’t accidentally catch the clips and pull them out!


To keep your hair extensions looking as blended into your own hair as possible, you should take as good care of them as you would your own hair. We recommend that you only wash the hair extensions every six weeks or when they have significant product build up. It is also important to use a moisture shampoo (the kind for dry hair rather than coloured!) and to follow the Dirty Looks essential guide to washing carefully. This can be found on our website and will be contained with your order when it arrives.

Hair extensions are a brilliant way of getting your ideal look and as long as you follow these easy tips, no one will ever know they aren’t your natural tresses.