How to Ombre Hair Extensions

The Best Way to Ombre Hair Extensions

Ombre hair is one of the most coveted hair trends of the year, but did you know that you can get the look by dyeing your clip in hair extensions? Follow our step-by-step guide below on how to get ombre hair extensions.

To create ombre hair extensions, you will need the following items OR you can simply order one of our Ombre Hair Extensions Kits which also contains a thorough step-by-step guide.

- A set of clip in hair extensions
- A home dye kit
- A mixing bowl
- A tint brush

The best way to ombre hair extensions is to dye blonde hair extensions, colouring the top of the wefts darker rather than the ends lighter, as hair extensions can only be dyed two shades darker than their original shade and definitely can’t be bleached. We have chosen to dye our delicious Blogger Blonde, New York Editorial & Santa Monica Sunrise shades to complete the ombre effect. To get ombre hair extensions, follow our guide below:

Step One

The best way to ombre hair extensions

The first step to getting ombre hair extensions is to make sure that you have the correct shade of hair dye, a colour mixing bowl, a tinting brush and your HK Hair extensions ready to be given an ombre makeover!

Step Two

The best way to ombre hair extensions

Secondly, apply the dye to the top half of each weft. Using a colouring brush, gently stroke the top to the middle of the wefts with the dye, making sure you go in between the hair strands to cover the top half of the weft completely.

Step Three

The best way to ombre hair extensions

Once you have painted your ombre hair extensions, leave the dye on for the recommended amount of time given on the hair dyeing kit.

Step Four

The best way to ombre hair extensions

The next step is to condition the hair extensions. To do this, apply the conditioner that is provided with your dye kit to the ENDS of your hair extensions, before rinsing the dye away. This will prevent the dye from running to the ends of the hair whilst they are being washed. Use warm water, shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair extensions.

Step Five

the best way to ombre hair extensions

Once you have washed your extensions, leave the wefts to dry naturally. Then, using a heated styling tool, curl the ends of the wefts to create a natural wave to your ombre hair extensions, before clipping them into place. Voila! You have gorgeous ombre hair extensions without being permanently committed to the dip-dye hairstyle.  Ensure you follow our Ombre Kit guide if you are trying this out on our extensions and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS complete a strand test first and follow the manufacturers instructions, too!

BUT, don't panic, gals! If you're not a fan of D-I-Y'ing it then check out our pre-ombred hair extensions, Bel Air Baby! and Oh My Ombre. These two shades are so so gorgeous and super subtle making them uh-mazing ombre shades (psst, you can check out the shades here). Plus, they're now available in ALL of our hair extension range. Yessssss. Quick, grab em' while you can!

We looove the two-tone hair trend and we’re super excited that we can cheat the look by dyeing our clip in hair extensions ombre AND with our pre-ombred hair extensions! So gals, which ones will you be going for?