How to Sew Clips on Your M+B Hair Extensions

how-to-sew-clips-on-your-hair-extensionsTo prolong the life of your M+B hair extensions as much as possible a little TLC is super important - especially if you’re wearing them a lot. A spritz of silicone can do wonders if you’ve been over heat styling but if all that pulling has loosened your clips then this is what you need to do to ensure they stay put.

We give you some spare clips in your M+B box just in case of emergency but for most of you, you’ll never need to use them. Clips can come loose for a range of reasons such as lots of pulling while heat styling, catching your brush in the weft or general wear and tear over time if you’re a real hair extension addict. So if you’re a little overzealous with the straightener these steps are worth noting down.

What you’ll need: The spare clips in your M+B box, scissors, a needle and some thread in the closest colour to your weft shade.

how-to-sew-clips-on-your-hair-extensions-1Step 1: If you notice a clip is coming loose you’ll firstly want to snip it off completely before you reattach it. Make sure to remove any of the old thread and be super careful not to snip the weft as you’re working. Once it’s all removed you can start.

how-to-sew-clips-on-your-hair-extensions-1Step 2: It sounds obvious but you want to match your thread to the colour of your weft to make sure they stay undetectable. A black thread sticking out of your blonde extensions is not a good look and if you’re not great at sewing it’ll help to disguise any mistakes too.

how-to-sew-clips-on-your-hair-extensions-1Step 3: Cut a piece of thread about 3 times the width of your weft and loop it through your needle folding it in half, then tie the two ends of the thread together to hold them in

Step 4: Spot the small holes on the end of each clip? This is where you need to be placing your needle in order to loop your thread and hold the clip in place. Place your clip where you want it to sit on the weft and push the needle through the hole to hold it.

how-to-sew-clips-on-your-hair-extensions-7Step 5: Sew on the clip by looping in and out of the small holes until it’s secure. You want to make sure not to go too close to the edge though as this could ruin all your hard work and make sure to avoid getting any strands of hair stuck in your thread too.

how-to-sew-clips-on-your-hair-extensions-7Step 6: Tie three knots at the end to secure the thread in place and then snip it as close to the clip as possible.The three knots will hold down your sewing and lock everything in. Repeat the same process on the other side of the clip and for any other clips that need securing.

If you need any help with sewing the clips or are still unsure you can always email the Customer Care Team at [email protected] for some more advice but we’re sure you’ll have it nailed.