How To Slay Christmas Day


We know you gurls slay everyday but there’s something about Christmas that has us feeling extra sassy. Everyone knows you’re the Kim of the family so you definitely don’t want to disappoint. It’s time to grab your contour honey and a lot of cheer because we’re about to show you how to totally slay Christmas day this year…


The first step is to plan your look in advance so you’ve got something totally fabulous to wear. You want it to say I’m gorgeous, look at me...

Wait till everyone else is around the tree before making your grand entrance. You need an audience after all...


Get your fam to film your present unboxing video. The fans need to see this, right?


A few too many Christmas eve drinks? No worries gurl, that’s what wheely chairs and younger siblings are for…


Nothing says Christmas day slay like some snatched cheekbones so you really want to lay it on heavy for your dinner look.


And make sure to critique everyone’s Christmas looks like the fashion editor you were born to be.


Time for dinner! Don’t forget to eat EVERYTHING... diet starts in Jan.


Don’t let all those questions about your life get you down either, you look amazing who cares if you just got fired or that you’re totally single? Not you, gurl.

On that note you might want to text your ex so that he knows what he’s missing on the biggest day of the year. Thank you, next...

It wouldn’t be Christmas without getting merry so make sure you really get in the spirit if you want to slay.

And when all is said and done don’t forget to rejoice at the fact you didn’t kill a single family member despite spending the whole day with them....

Christmas? Totally slayed.... Until next year M+B babes!