How To Use Highlight and Blusher Hair Extensions

Make your hair blush with this effective trick using specially designed hair extensions. You can add highlights to your existing hair using the our hair extensions to create the perfect highlighted look.

Highlight and blusher wefts are great for people who have a tricky shade to colour match, or who may have lots of natural highlights in their hair that they find can't be mimicked by hair extensions. You can mix and match these clip in's to create the exact effect that you want. Whether it's a sun-kissed beach bunny look or whether you just want to enhance your natural colour,the highlight and blusher wefts could be perfect for you!

glue on highlighted hair extensions

The highlight and blusher wefts are smaller than regular wefts, which makes them a great fit for a naturally highlighted look. They also come in two lengths (16-18" and 20-22") which gives you the freedom to create your ideal length.

highlighted hair extensions

To get beautiful standard highlights, it's best to go for a weft that is one to two shades lighter than your hair as this will promote a natural look. It's good to know that the wefts can also be thinned out too.

If you look at a picture of your favourite celebrity, chances are that their stylist has adorned their locks with some micro highlights to create fullness and texture to their hair.

If you don't have a celebrity hair guru at your fingertips, then you can easily get the micro-highlighted look with your hair extensions! Ask your hair-stylist to thin the wefts out using a razor or a pair of thinning scissors to get incredibly subtle and gorgeous glamourous highlights.

highlight hair extensions

The clip in option is great for people who love to change up their hair colour as it offers you the flexibility to experiment with different shades without the commitment. Don't think that highlight and blusher wefts are just for experienced hair chameleons though... This option is perfect for colour novices who aren't sure if they're ready to commit to a highlighted look but still want to add a bit of glamour to their locks!

how to glue on hair extensions

The glue in option is great for people who want a no fuss highlighted look and for people who are already lucky enough to be blessed with naturally beautiful blush. The glue in option is definitely for the person who wants a more permanent highlighted look.

The beauty of the individual wefts is that they are customisable so that you are in full control of how you achieve your dream 'do. They can even be ombred so don't be afraid to get creative and to play around with them!

before and after hair extension highlights and blusher wefts

Top Tips for Highlighting your Hair Extensions

Standard Highlighting - You can go bold with your blush, but for a beautiful salon finish highlighted look it's best to use wefts that are one to two shades lighter than your hair!

Micro-Highlighting - Get the delicately highlighted look by asking your stylist to thin out your wefts for marvellous micro-highlights. The micro-highlighted look is amazing for creating instant texture and body in your hair.

Low-Lights - You can easily achieve a low lightened look by opting for blusher wefts one to two shades darker than your hair. Opting for darker tones will allow you to create more depth and richness to your hair.

Ombre - To get a dazzling ombre look, we would recommend that you opt for wefts the same shade as your ombre or your desired ombre shade as the tops of the wefts can be coloured darker, but they can't be bleached or lightened!

If you need any help with determining your dream highlight shade, you can contact the team at [email protected] and they'll be more than happy to help you embrace your light!