How To Use Your Boyfriend’s Hair Products When You Forget Yours


Ever stayed at your boyfriend’s and totally forgotten your hair products? Then this post is going to be perfect for you. As much as smelling like cologne for a day isn’t top of our list, it turns out that there’s some amazing stuff hiding in his bathroom cupboard. From wax, to pomade and even beard oil, we’re sharing 6 of your boyfriend’s hair products you can use when you forget yours.



Wax is a thick styling product that has a glossy, high shine finish and doesn’t harden like a gel, so it stays mouldable. It’s also amazing at smoothing down your flyaways for super sleek looks and holding your natural curls in place while adding lots of texture and volume to your hair. You’ll need to use a small bit at a time and work it through your strands while scrunching your hair where you want more volume. Then, once you’re done blast it with a blowdryer to set everything in place.



Hair gel is a jelly-like product that dries hard to stiffen your hair into a hairstyle. It gives you amazing hold and a super shiny finish so it’s perfect for combing through your curls or taming flyaways. For some extra shine use a pea size amount to smooth down the lengths of your hair and use a comb to make sure it’s evenly distributed.



Hair clays are usually made of bentonite, a natural substance that forms from the weathering of volcanic ash - so cool! As a styling product it has a medium hold and a matte finish that smooths down your hair without being too shiny. It’s also amazing for adding loads of volume and texture to fine hair. To use this you’ll need to work a small amount into your hands before applying it in your hair so you don’t get any clumps. You can then gently smooth it down your hair or scrunch it into your roots for more volume.



Pomade is a lightweight styling product that’s either oil or water based and gives your hair a matte finish. Pomades are perfect for any of you with thick hair as it really weighs down your strands and controls frizz. It doesn’t leave your hair dry or crunchy either and is perfect for taming flyaways and giving flexible hold to curls. If you’re due a cut you can also use it to glue down your split ends temporarily and make your hair look healthier. Use this like the clay by working it into your hands first and then applying it to the areas that need taming.


Texturising Powder

This is a really fine, lightweight powder that has a slightly tacky feel and builds lots of volume at your roots. Guys use this to create fuller looking hair that’s easy to style, especially if they have longer hair on top and shorter sides. You can use it to add thickness to your hair too and to bulk up waves or braids. Just sprinkle the powder into your hands and work it in at your roots or down the lengths of your hair for instant volume.


Beard Oil

Beards oils are normally made with essential oils like jojoba or peppermint which you can use to nourish the ends of your hair. You only need a small amount as it’s formulated for super thick beard hair but it’s amazing at combatting dry ends and flyaways. Beard oils normally smell amazing too which is great for refreshing second day hair.