M+B Blogger Hair Routines: Celine


If you’ve been following our blog for the longest time then you’ll know that years ago we used to write a series called Hair Talk. As part of this series we interviewed some of our fave bloggers about their best hacks and go-to products so that we could get selfie worthy hair just like them.

This year we’ve decided to totally revive it and reach out to some of our M+B babes to get the low down on their hair routines. From what they do in the morning to their best hacks for split ends these girls know everything worth knowing about getting perfect hair.

Today we’re chatting with Celine, whose super thick, supermodel waves are the stuff dreams are made of. She posts fashion and beauty pics over on her insta everyday and we love copying her looks! Here’s what you need to know...


What’s your hair type?

It’s European so it’s naturally straight but also quite dry.

What’s your M+B hair extensions shade?

I’m Bel-Air which is an ombre shade and I wear the 16-18” Luxurious Set.

How long does your hair routine usually take?

I style my hair everyday but I don’t have a lot of time so including my blow dry it’s around 15 minutes. If I go out at the weekend I’ll spend way longer as I need at least an hour for curls or more complicated hairstyles.


What's your normal morning hair routine?

I wash my hair with a shampoo and conditioner or use dry shampoo in the morning. Then I use a hair oil from Wella and, most importantly, a heat protection spray before blow-drying my hair. To get loads of volume I like to use a big round brush for this to really lift my roots.

How do your M+B extensions fit into your routine?

My M+B extensions fit perfectly into my hair routine because they’re so quick and easy to clip in. Also as they’re so thick my hair looks great even when I haven’t styled it which saves me loads of time!

What products do you normally use?

So of course my M+B extensions but also the Wella Professional Repair Shampoo, Sante Heat Protection Spray and the T3 Cura Hair Dryer.


Do you have any hair styling hacks or tips?

Yes, don’t wash your hair too often! Every 1-3 days is okay but everyday is way too much. I’d also say getting a haircut every 2 months to keep it looking healthy and strong.

Do you do anything on a weekly basis?

Yes, I use a deep conditioner with argan oil and then I massage coconut oil into the ends of my hair before going to sleep.

We loved Celine’s routine and we’re definitely going to pick up some coconut oil ASAP so that we can get our strands looking just as shiny. If you loved this post then keep an eye out for another blogger routine next month that will be full of amazing hacks!