M+B Blogger Hair Routines: Edith Mair


Welcome back to another blogger hair routine! If you’ve been following our blog for the longest time then you’ll know that we used to write a series called Hair Talk. As part of this series we interviewed some of our fave bloggers about their best hacks and go-to products so that we could get selfie worthy hair just like them.

This year we’ve decided to totally revive it and reach out to some of our M+B babes for the low down on their hair routines. From what they do in the morning to their best hacks for split ends, these girls know everything worth knowing about getting perfect hair.

This month we’re chatting to Edith Mair who is one of our fave beauty instagrammers who knows all the latest products. She’s made loads of videos with her Milk + Blush sets too which makes her a great person to go-to for hair advice. Today she’s sharing her hair extension routine and must have products along with some really useful hacks…

What's your hair type?

My hair is medium thickness, very soft and naturally wavy.

Which M+B set do you wear?

I wear the 20-22” Luxurious Set in the shade Sweetie Darling, it’s the perfect match!

How long does your hair routine usually take?

For everyday I like to curl my hair extensions in advance as they’ll stay curled for days. That means I can just clip them in and blend the top layer of my hair which only takes me around 5-10 minutes. If I’m curling or straightening my extensions after washing them then it’ll take a bit longer but it’s still only about 20 minutes.


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What's your normal morning hair routine like?

I wash my hair every other day and always leave it to dry naturally. On the days when I’m not washing it I’ll give my hair a quick brush, then a blast of dry shampoo and then I’ll clip in my extensions. I wear them more or less every day so people rarely see me without them!

How do your M+B hair extensions fit into your routine?

Perfectly! I have been wearing extensions for about 10 years now. I used to wear them to school everyday so I’m used to applying them and it's much easier for me than styling my own hair. Also, as I’ve damaged my hair with bleach, wearing my extensions has helped me to use minimal heat on my natural hair so that it can get healthy and strong again.

What hairstyling products do you use the most?

I love everything from Percy and Reed! I use their Smoothed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil for Fine Hair everytime I wash my hair. I also love the Wonder Balm, No-Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo and the Surprisingly Strong Extra Hold Hairspray on a daily basis.

How often do you go to the hair salon?

I am actually a qualified hairdresser so I tend to colour my own hair, I get my hair trimmed when I feel it needs it though. Even though I don’t have a regular routine I’ll never leave it longer than 12 weeks to get it cut.

Do you have any hair styling hacks or tips?

My hack for blending short hair is pinning the bottom section of your hair up with grips before clipping in your hair extensions. It’s really amazing for hiding the disconnect so that they look really natural. Another one is to wait until your hair is completely cool before brushing out the curls as they’ll will set in place and last a lot longer.

Do you do anything on a weekly basis?

I have a pamper night once a week without fail, I love having some me time and I think it’s very important! I like to leave my hair mask on while I do my skincare routine so that it has loads of time to sink in. There’s no better feeling than rinsing it out and having your hair feel like silk!

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