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Oh, hey M+B babes!! And welcome back to another blogger hair routine. If you’ve been following our blog for the longest time then you’ll know that we used to write a series called Hair Talk. As part of this series we interviewed some of our fave bloggers about their best hacks and go-to products so that we could get selfie worthy hair just like them.

This year we’ve decided to totally revive it and reach out to some of our M+B babes for the low down on their hair routines. From what they do in the morning to their best hacks for split ends, these girls know everything worth knowing about getting perfect hair.

Today we’re chatting with Insta babe Kendall who’s super long, super thick locks are giving us total hair envy. She shares daily outfit pics and beauty inspo on her page but today she’s spilling the beans on her fave products and haircare tips…

What’s your hair type?

It’s thick and naturally curly.

What’s your M+B shade?

I wear the 20-22” Luxurious Set in the shade Fame or shame.


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How long does your hair routine usually take?

Around 30-45 minutes.

What's your normal morning hair routine?

I wash my hair twice a week, so on a normal day I wake up, brush and style my hair and I’m done.


What products do you normally use?

I am a huge IGK fan! I use their Good Behavior Smoothing Spray, Thirsty Girl Coconut Oil Leave In Spray, First Class Dry Shampoo and Hot Girls Shampoo. I also love the Color Shampoo and Conditioner and Color Illuminator Spray from L'anza haircare.

How do your M+B hair extensions fit into your routine?

I always clip them in before styling my hair in the morning. I can't live without them!


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Do you have any hair styling hacks or tips we could use?

Every night when I remove my Milk and Blush extensions I apply my L'anza Color Illuminator spray and brush them out with my loop brush. This keeps them healthy and shiny and  makes your morning hair routine run seamlessly.

Do you do anything on a weekly basis?

I get a Brazilian Blowout treatment quarterly but in between treatments I use my Kerastase Masque Extentioniste once a week. It helps to keep my hair looking really healthy and protects it against damage.

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