M+B Blogger Hair Routines: Poppy McCauley


Hey M+B babes and welcome back to another blogger hair routine! We’re really enjoying this series and we’ve already picked up so many great hacks and tips for getting insta worthy hair. If you’re new here these posts are our way of getting to know our fave bloggers and finding out their best tips and go-to products so that we can get hair just like them.

This month we’re chatting with @misspoppylocks who is a huge fan of our hair extensions as well as a total makeup guru. Her glam room makes us super jealous and her signature waves are the stuff hair goals are made of. Today she’s spilling the beans on how to get her signature waves and how to speed up your hair styling time...

What’s your hair type?

My hair is naturally fairly frizzy and wavy but it’s also quite thin.

What’s your M+B shade?

I wear the 20-22” Luxurious Set in shade Rich & Famous.



How long does your hair routine usually take?

If I’m having a no heat day then I’ll throw my hair into a low bun which takes seconds. If I’m styling my hair it normally takes around 10 minutes or a bit longer if I’ve got my extensions in, as I like to let my curls cool down before brushing them out.

What's your normal morning hair routine?

I’ll either wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner or use dry shampoo depending on what my hair is like. I then use a leave in conditioner spray along with a spray oil and blow dry it to finish.

How do your M+B hair extensions fit into your routine?

I’m obsessed with using my extensions in my routine, they’re so quick to clip in and instantly make my hair look thicker. They’re also really quick and easy to style!



What products do you normally use?

I always get asked what I use to curl my hair and it’s the Babyliss Pro Curling Wand. I also swear by the Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment shampoo and conditioner which always makes my hair so soft! Afterwards I’ll use the Aussie Miracle spray conditioner and the OGX Coconut Oil Mist too which keeps my hair looking really healthy.

Any hair styling hacks or tips?

One of my biggest hacks is that I have separate sets of hair extensions. One curly set and one straight. That way I’m not constantly using heat on them to change hairstyles, it’s a bit pricey but 100% worth it!

Do you do anything on a weekly basis?

If I can remember, I try and use a hair mask or leave my conditioner on a bit longer and wash it out the next morning. It’s the best way to nourish your hair when it’s feeling dry!

We love the idea of having one straight and one curly set and it’s such a great way of cutting down styling time! If you missed our last blogger posts then click to catch up with insta babes Celine Fitsch and Naomi Faith :)