M+B Blogger Hair Routines: Shannon Sherwood


If you’ve been following our blog for the longest time then you’ll know that we used to write a series called Hair Talk. As part of this series we interviewed some of our fave bloggers about their best hacks and go-to products so that we could get selfie worthy hair just like them.

This year we’ve decided to totally revive it and reach out to some of our M+B babes to get the low down on their hair routines. From what they do in the morning to their best hacks for split ends, these girls know everything worth knowing about getting perfect hair.

Today we’re chatting with Shannon whose beauty blog and YouTube channel is full of amazing hair and makeup hacks. She wears our ombre shade Bel-Air and has created loads of gorgeous tutorials so she knows her stuff when it comes to hair extensions.

What’s your hair type?

It’s super straight and medium thickness.

What M+B set do you wear?

I wear the 20-22” Luxurious Set in the shade Bel-Air.

How long does your hair routine usually take?

My styling routine takes around 20 minutes max.


What's your normal morning hair routine?

I like to start off by applying a hair mask before I get into the shower. I use the Organic Shop Avocado and Honey Hair Mask. I’ll then wash my hair with Kevin Murphy’s Angel Wash and the Angel Wash Rinse. I try to not use too much heat on my hair, so I let it air dry for as long as I can before blow drying it on a low to medium heat. Depending on my mood, I like to give it a quick straighten or go for curls if I have more time.

How do your M+B extensions fit into your routine?

I use them almost every day! They add loads of extra volume and length to my hair and I always feel super glam when they’re in.


What products do you normally use?

Usually I will use Kevin Murphy products to wash my hair. My hair stylist started using them on my hair and I have been in love ever since! I will occasionally use a plumping spray, but I always use a heat protectant; Cloud Nine Magical Quick Drying Potion is my favourite and it smells amazing.

Any hair styling hacks or tips?

If you’re in a rush, tie your hair into a high ponytail and curl it in sections. It will cut the time it takes to curl your hair in half and it’s so easy. Also, if you blow dry your hair, use the cool setting for a minute or two at the end to really vamp up the shine.

We love the ponytail curling hack too and have created a quick tutorial below if you want to try it out at home.

Do you do anything with your hair on a weekly basis (treatments, masks etc)?

I give myself a pamper night once a week and I’ll use a hair mask to make me feel even more pampered. Again, I go for the Organic Shop Avocado and Honey Hair Mask as it makes my hair feel soft and silky without being too heavy. It’s an organic mask so I’m giving my hair the best ingredients.

We love these tips and the ponytail curl hack is one of our favourites! If you loved this one then make sure to check out our other blogger interviews with Celine and Poppy for more blogger hair advice :)