M+B Shade Of The Month - I Think We're Alone Now


Oh hey girl! And welcome to our new blog series Shade Of The Month where we’re giving you all the secret info on your favourite M+B shades.

We’d definitely agree that there’s no better feeling than finding your perfect eyeshadow or lip colour with a sassy name to match. This is why we took the same approach to naming our shades and chose ones that were a little more out there. We think it helps to give each shade some more personality and makes shopping for your extensions feel really special.

This month we’ve picked the shade I Think We’re Alone Now because it screams autumn and is the glossiest hair colour on the planet. It’s a rich, auburn red that has an almost metallic copper undertone and would be perfect if your natural hair is a warm auburn.


Where does the name come from?

This shade is named after Tiffany who sang the song I Think We’re Alone Now in 1986 and had THE most gorgeous head of auburn hair.


Celebrities who would be I Think We’re Alone Now?

Celebrities who could wear this shade include Madeline Brewer, Isla Fisher and Emma Stone as they have really warm toned auburn hair. We love how glossy this shade looks and it really suits some classic Hollywood waves.


Milk + Blush Babes in I Think We’re Alone Now

I Think We’re Alone Now is such a multi tonal red that as long as your hair is a warm auburn you’ll get a totally seamless match. These real life pics are gorgeous and we love how versatile this set is to suit a range of different styles.

If you think this might be your shade but you’re a little unsure you can send some snaps to [email protected] and we’ll find your perfect set :)