M+B Shade Of The Month - Bel Air


Oh hey girl! And welcome to our new blog series Shade Of The Month where we’re giving you all the secret info on your favourite M+B shades.

We’d definitely agree that there’s no better feeling than finding your perfect eyeshadow or lip colour with a sassy name to match. This is why we took the same approach to naming our shades and chose ones that were a little more out there. We think it helps to give them a little more personality and makes shopping for your extensions feel really special.

This month we’ve picked our ombre shade Bel-Air which is a brown to blonde melt. It has a chocolate brown base leading into lighter blonde ends, so if your hair is a medium brown base colour in the root area, this ombre is for you. As with all our ombre shades it can still blend even if your base shade isn’t spot on.


Can I still wear Bel-Air even if my hair isn’t ombre?

Yes definitely! We’ve actually written a post about faking ombre hair  with our extensions and it’s a totally damage free way to experiment with colour. As long as your natural shade is close to the root shade of Bel-Air you’ll still be able to get a good blend. We’ll aslo pop the transition lengths below for where the blonde begins on each length that way you’ll be able to measure your own hair to find your perfect set.

12-14” Blonde at 5”

16-18” Blonde at 7”

20-22” Blonde at 9”

25-26” Blonde at 11”


Celebrities who would be Bel-Air

Our fave YouTuber Zoella wore the shade Bel-Air for her Cosmo cover and we’re so in love with the pictures! As you can see it works really well with her balayage and she went for the super long 20-22” set which is perfect for loose waves. Other celebrities who could wear the same shade include Drew Barrymore and Chrissy Teigen whose brown to blonde melts match the two toned shade perfectly.


Milk + Blush Babes in Bel-Air

As with all of our shades the multi-tonal blonde in Bel-Air can blend with lots of different base colours and styles. So whether you have super dark roots or lighter blonde highlights you can still get a perfect match.

If you think this might be your shade but you’re a little unsure just send us some snaps to [email protected] and we’ll find your perfect set :)