Milk + Blush Hair Extension Shades


Incase you haven’t noticed, we’ve switched up a few things recently… *cough cough* gorgeous website…. We’ve also got four new sets to give you even more versatility with your extensions and we’ve changed a few shade names too. In honour of our mini makeover we thought we’d take the opportunity to break down all 26 colours to help you find your perfect one or just to give you a little inspiration.

You don’t need to worry if you can’t find an exact match either as all of our shades are multi-tonal and will adapt to your colour for a seamless blend. You just need to choose the closest one. Sounds dreamy right? So if you’re thinking about picking up a new set then keep scrolling to find your perfect shade.

Fame Or Shame is our darkest shade and it’s a pure, jet black. It’s perfect if you’ve dyed your hair black as it’s completely cool toned and doesn’t have any warmth.



Good Vibes is our off black shade which reads as black but is more of a brown or natural black with subtle warm tones. It’s perfect if you have naturally dark hair that’s not quite jet black as it has a slightly warmer undertone than Fame or Shame.


Love This Feeling is our darkest brown shade and it’s super rich with deep undertones of dark espresso. Next to Good Vibes you can see that it definitely reads as a dark brown shade rather than a black.



Sweet Like Chocolate is a classic dark chocolate brown, hence the name, which is multi-tonal and adapts to most mid brown shades. It has warm chocolate tones running through it making it easy to blend with most mid brunette colours.



Hot Toffee is a multi-tonal, mid brown that has a mix of honey, ash and warm brown undertones.



With A Tan is our lightest brown shade with a mix of light brown, dark blonde and mousy brown which is perfect for bronde hair. It has more of a sun kissed vibe, hence its name as it’s perfect with a tan. It’s a multi-tonal shade with a mix of warm honey and cool ash making it really easy to blend.


St Tropez is our medium blonde shade with warm undertones that’s a mix of light caramel, strawberry blonde and wheat undertones. It’s perfect for warm blonde hair as it has sun kissed flecks of wheat blondes and golden blondes.



Weekend In Malibu is our medium-light sandy blonde with a mixture of cool, warm and neutral sandy flecks.



L.A. Blonde is a light, sandy blonde shade with a mix of wheat and biscuit tones, blended together to make this gorgeous champagne blonde. The tones are super reflective, giving the hair a super glossy feel and is inspired by the glam ladies of Los Angeles.



Oh My Gwen Stefani is our lightest blonde shade without highlights and is generally for those who have very light bleached blonde hair, just like Gwen Stefani. It’s the perfect base for toning if you have super ashy blonde hair and also for dying a pastel shade. Keep in mind we also have the colour Paparazzi which can look just as light as this shade but with a few more neutral tones running through it.



Sweetie Darling is a brunette shade with lowlights which are similar to highlights but run a few shades lighter than the base shade. Sweetie Darling is a mix of rich brown with mid to light brunette lowlights running through it. You can blend your hair into this whether it matches the base shade or the low lights as it’s so multi-tonal. You can also use this shade to create a faux balayage effect in your hair or to make your colour multi-dimensional without the damage of colouring.



Honey Hustle is a brunette shade with a chocolate base and creamy blonde highlights. It’s perfect for highlighted brown shades or if you have blonde balayage on a darker base.



She Stole My Look dreamy bronde highlighted shade is a mix of light brunettes, blondes and dark blondes. It’s a butterscotch inspired colour that’s really versatile as it has so many different tones running through it. There are subtle mocha brown tones, a dark to medium blonde and a subtle wheat blonde running through the layers of colours.



Rich and Famous is a medium light blonde shade with toasted light brown lowlights. It’s perfect if your hair is blonde with brown lowlights as the light brown is so subtle against the blonde. Compared to She Stole My Look you can see this shade has slightly lighter highlights mixed with the soft light brown lowlight.



Second base is one of our highlighted blonde shades with a cool toned base and medium sandy blonde highlights. It’s a really neutral toned shade that isn’t too warm or cool. Compared to Rich and Famous you can see this shade is lighter and doesn’t have the light brown fleck.


California is a light blonde, highlighted shade that has a buttery blonde base with bleach highlights for a California inspired, sunkissed vibe.



Parisian Dreams is a warm highlighted shade with a honey blonde base and light blonde highlights. It’s the warmest blonde highlighted shade with flecks of golden sandy blonde running through it.



Paparazzi is our lightest highlighted, blonde shade with very light, creamy blondes and subtle, light sandy biscuit tones.



I Think We’re Alone Now is a rich, auburn red shade with autumnal copper undertones. It has an almost metallic copper tone and is perfect if your natural hair is a warm auburn.



I Said Red is a rich, vibrant colour that reads as a true deep red with ruby undertones.



Dye It Yourself is a neutral base shade that’s perfect for dyeing darker if you can’t find your best match or are going for something super unusual. It’s perfect for dyeing as it has a warm undertone which will stop your dye looking too ashy. Just make sure you always complete a strand test first as you may need to pre-pigment the hair and also bear in mind that this isn’t suitable for bleaching.



Oh My Ombre is a triple ombre shade that starts with an almost black root, leading into a chocolate brown with blonde ends. It works best with a dark base leading to a medium light blonde. This ombre shade is quite unique as we use three shades to make it which gives it flexibility to blend with similar ombre colours. You can use this shade to create a faux ombre look if you have brown hair.



Bel Air is our double brown to blonde ombre melt. It has a chocolate brown base leading into lighter blonde ends, so if your hair is a medium brown base colour in the root area, this ombre is for you. As with all our ombre shades it can still blend even if your base shade isn’t spot on.



Surf's Up is our lightest double melt ombre that has a Californian, beachy vibe. The shade starts with a caramel blonde base graduating into a light, bleached, ash toned blonde.



Spaced Out is a gorgeous ombre melt that’s perfect if you love experimenting with your colour. It has a rich black root graduating into a spacey grey and works really well if your hair is dyed black. You can aslo mix spaced out with our other ombre shades for a more multi-tonal look.



Kiss The Girl is an ombre shade with jet black roots that melt into a deep teal shade.

It’s perfect if you have black hair as it will blend seamlessly with your root shade to give you the faux ombre effect.

What if I’m not sure of my perfect shade?

If you’re not sure of your perfect shade you can send us some pictures of your hair, outside in natural light to [email protected] and we’ll send you your perfect shade match. Here are some quick tips…

- Ensure your hair is worn down

- Opt for head and shoulder shots instead of close ups

- Natural outdoor lighting is ideal, but no direct sunlight



When your set arrives your box will come with a tester weft so that you can check the shade before opening the rest of your set to guarantee a perfect match.