Milk + Blush Seamless Hair Extensions


As you may have recently seen, we have just launched our brand new Seamless Hair Extensions range. Some of you will already be familiar with the Seamless Hair Extensions and the benefits that they include, but if you’re not really that clued up on them don’t panic - we’ve rounded up some of our amazing blogger reviews to give you all the deets you need to know…

Okay so here’s the lowdown on our Seamless Hair Extensions, girls... Familiar with our Classic Set? Well, it’s had a little upgrade and we couldn’t be more excited for you to try them out. Seamless Hair Extensions have lots of benefits that we’re sure you’re going to love. They are virtually undetectable, the wefts lay flatter on your head, they are more comfortable to wear, shedding is minimal and hair stays tangle free for a longer life span. YAY!

So, how do they compare to the previous lace wefts you’re probably wondering?! Let Kelsey Alfred talk you through the differences in her Milk + Blush Seamless Hair Extension Review. Kelsey has been a major fan of Milk + Blush Hair Extensions for many a year and has had lots of sets ranging from the Quad Weft Set to the Classic Set so if you need some hair extension advice, she’s definitely your go to girl! We were sooo happy to see how excited and amazed Kelsey was with her new Seamless Hair Extensions, why not take a look for yourselves to see what all the fuss is about? : )


Another benefit of Seamless Hair Extensions is that they work amazingly well with super fine and short hair. Thanks to the almost undetectable wefts and the fact that they lay closer to your head, blending hair extensions has never been easier thanks to the the Seamless Weft. Watch Rosie Lawlor put this to the test in her Seamless Hair Extension Review. Rosie has been wearing hair extensions for over 3 years and is the Queen of making them look super natural. Rosie is rocking a super short bob at the moment and once her Seamless Hair Extensions are clipped in, you won’t be able to believe the amazing transformation and how natural they look. Click the video below and see why Rosie is obsessed with her new Seamless Hair Extensions upgrade : )


Finally, if you’re wondering if the amount of wefts, size of the wefts etc have changed you needn’t worry. The Seamless Hair Extension Upgrade still carries the same amount of wefts as the Classic Set, so you will receive your normal amount of 10 wefts. And of course, the Single Quad Weft is still included however we have kept this as the lace method as we know how much you all love this weft in your Full Head Set. Wanna see the new Seamless Hair Extensions in more detail? Check out Tiani Weightman’s M + B Seamless Hair Extension Review where she talks you through the new Seamless Hair Extension upgrade, and why after sooo many other hair extension sets - these are her new favourite hair extensions! : )


So, what’s your verdict girls? Are you feeling our new Seamless Hair Extensions? If you have any questions pop them below and we’ll get back to you : )