Recreating Hairstyles From Your Fave Scary Movies…


The spooky holiday is officially here and we are way too excited about the upcoming Halloween parties we have planned. This is the one time of year you can seriously up your game and try something a little more out there and totally crazy. So to inspire you this Halloween we’ve chosen some iconic hairstyles from our fave movies and we’re letting you know how you can recreate them at home.


Morticia Addams from The Addams Family

Morticia is the most iconic Halloween babe and her long, black hair is a signature trademark. With her husband Gomes and her two children Wednesday and Pugsley, they’re a pretty spooky bunch.

What you’ll need: M+B hair extensions, heat protector, straighteners and shine spray

How to: To create Morticia’s loose waves start by clipping in your M+B hair extensions and then separate the section at the nape of your neck. Taking small sections tilt the straighteners on an angle so that your hair has a slight bend to add some movement. Once you’ve straightened all your hair add loads of shine spray for a really glossy finish.


Tracey Bingham’s ringlets All Cheerleaders Must Die

This movie is about a savage group of cheerleaders who die and are brought back to life with some pretty scary magic. They also come back with a vengeance for the football team and a bloodbath ensues, featuring some perfectly curled hair... of course.

What you’ll need: Heat protector spray, curling wand, hair spray

How to: Start by prepping your hair with some heat protectant and then curl it in 1 inch sections but let each curl cool in your hand before it drops. Once you get to the top section you only want to curl from the mid lengths and leave the hair at your crown straight to get Tracey’s look. When all your hair is curled finish with a dust of hairspray and you’re totally done.


Lydia from Beetlejuice

Lydia is the cutest goth kid and an aspiring photographer whose parents move into a house haunted by the previous owners. After making friends with the ghosts and trying to help them she ends up getting blackmailed into marrying Betelgeuse in this pretty crazy bridal look.

What you’ll need: Hair gel, comb, hairspray

How to: Start by creating a half up half down look by pulling the top section of your hair into a looped bun. With the ends of the hair in the looped bun pull them forward over your face to create a faux fringe effect. You can then use your hair gel to make the spikes by twisting small sections into place. Once you’ve done that start backcombing the rest of your hair and then loosely pin it up around your original bun to create the beehive effect. Finish with loads of hairspray and you’re done.


Sharon Charles in Obsessed

Yas Beyonce was once in a super scary film starring alongside a woman who becomes really obsessed with her husband. Spoiler... Bey ends up killing her with a chandelier and it’s totally epic.

What you’ll need: Heat protector, chopstick curlers, serum

How to: Start by prepping your hair with some heat protectant and then chopstick curl it in ½ inch sections. After each curl pull the end of the section taught to loosen it. Once all your hair is curled take some argan oil and run it through the curls to break them up and add loads of shine.


Jennifer Check’s Loose Waves from Jennifer’s Body

This super scary vampire is a murderous cannibal by night but a super pretty cheerleader by day with THE best hair.

What you’ll need: M+B hair extensions, heat protectant, texturising spray and a big barrel curling tong

How to: Jennifer has pretty long hair in this movie so we’d go for a M+B set that’s 20-22” long to get the same look. Once they’re clipped in you can then use a big barrel curling wand to make loose waves in your hair from the mid lengths to ends. Once you’re done apply some texturising spray and break up the curls with your fingers for some extra volume.

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