Review: Silicone Coating for Hair Extensions

Silicone Coating for Hair Extensions - ReviewFancy getting the low-down on two amazing, hair extension-beautifying products that we Dirty Looks girls simply couldn’t live without? Then read on for our review of RemySoft's silicone coating for hair extensions - trust us, you need these two wonder-products in your life!

Before we get started on how much we love these silicone coating products, we thought we'd address a hair extension-related myth that’s been flying around for quite some time. You may have heard that all human hair extensions come readily coated in a layer of silicone, which wears off over time and is what makes hair extensions look shiny when you first get them. In actual fact, there is no truth behind this rumour; hair extensions don’t come with a ready made silicone layer at all! The reason that your hair extensions start to feel a little dry, or look less shiny after time is that they don’t get a constant supply of natural oils like our own hair does - and if you want to get your hair extensions looking good as new, that's where the RemySoft silicone coating products come in!

RemySoft have cottoned on to the fact that silicone is amazing for coating hair extensions in a protective layer that gives them a gorgeous, flawless finish. Rather than actually repairing hair extensions, it acts as a substitute for the nourishing oils that our scalp produces and helps to give the appearance of lovely, healthy, hydrated tresses!

Review:Silicone Coating for Hair ExtensionsFirst up in our silicone coating review is RemySoft Blue Max Protective Sealer. We like to use this product when our extensions are feeling a little on the dry, dull side, and are in need of some serious TLC! We've been totally won over by this product: it helps to keep hair extensions soft, it seals the hair shaft for a silky smooth finish, and it also helps defend against tangles and UV and thermal damage. What more could you ask for?

You can, of course, use RemySoft Blue Max Protective Sealer in any way that suits you, but the way we like to use it is to wait until we wash our hair extensions. To use RemySoft Blue Max Protective Sealer in this way, simply wash your hair extensions as normal (how-to guide here), then distribute a pea-sized amount of product throughout the lengths of the extensions before leaving them out to dry. When they’re ready to wear again, you'll notice that they look and feel completely revitalised - glossy, hydrated, and oh-so-smooth!

Review: Silicone Coating for Hair ExtensionsThe other silicone hair extension product that we just can’t get enough of is RemySoft Blue Max Daily Refresher Spray. Being hair extension fanatics, we Dirty Looks girls use this spritz on a daily basis - every time we've finished wearing our  hair extensions. Instead of applying this product to wet hair, we like to apply it to dry hair (a good way to find out how much product to use is to spray it onto your hands before applying it - then you can judge how much you need to use). If you want to keep your hair extensions in perfect condition, then this really is the product for you - it even works better than shampoo and conditioner to refresh and reinvigorate lifeless hair extensions!

It's official - we've fallen in love with these two types of silicone coating for hair extensions! Have we convinced you to give them a try for yourself?

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