How To Get Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Hair

Meghan-Markle-Royal-Wedding-Hairstyle-Up-Do- Has there been an event more highly anticipated than the latest royal wedding? We were completely glued to the TV on Saturday watching this real life fairy tale unfold and were completely in awe of the beautiful Meghan Markle. Keeping the spirit of the royal wedding alive we’re bringing you our take on Meghan’s bridal hair which you can achieve yourself using your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions. Continue reading →

Easy Gym Hairstyles For Every Cut and Hair Type

Easy-Gym-Hairstyles-Milk-and-Blush-Hair-Extensions-Blog There are two different types of women at the gym, the ones who love to workout and the ones who had to bribe themselves with coffee and a doughnut to get there. Either way, they both need a hairstyle that will survive their exercise session. We’ve put together a few of our fave gym hairstyles for different hair types and cuts to get you totally motivated. Continue reading →

How To Grow Out A Bad Haircut

how-to-grow-out-a-bad-hair-cut-milk-and-blushWe’ve all been there, with our Pinterest inspiration in one hand and a mirror in the other while sobbing to our best friend on the phone. Getting a bad haircut can seriously kill a girl’s vibe and knowing what to do next is even more of a struggle. Before you reach for the razor or make this situation any worse, make sure to read our guide to growing out a bad haircut first. Continue reading →

How To: Big and Messy Beachy Waves

beachy-waves-using-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions It goes without saying that beachy waves are a super cute look that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! But with so many different variations, it can be hard to know exactly which technique to use to achieve the type of beachy waves you’re dreaming of. Continue reading →

How To: French Braid Using Milk + Blush Hair Extensions

french-braid-tutorial-using-hair-extensions When it comes to some hairstyles, sometimes we need a little help from our Milk + Blush Hair Extensions for our look to be on point. This week I’m showing you how to create a super flawless and voluminous French braid using clip-in hair extensions. Continue reading →

How To: Tone Your Hair Extensions

how-to-tone-hair-extensions-milk-and-blush This one is for all of my platinum and ash blonde gals out there! This week I’m bringing you a step-by-step guide on how to tone your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions. Being a cool toned blonde myself I love toning my Milk + Blush hair to match the ashier and white blonde tones in my hair. It ensures that I get a seamless blend and also means that my M+B set is unique to me! Continue reading →

9 Problems only Girls who wear M+B Clip in Hair Extensions will Understand

9-problems-only-girls-with-hair-extensions-will-understandLove your M+B Hair Extensions a little bit too much? Then these problems are going to be a pretty regular occurrence for you. It’s a hard life having flawless hair but someone has to do it... Continue reading →

Hair Trends: How To Wear a Scrunchie in 2018

hair-trends-how-to-wear-a-scrunchie-in-2018According to fashion bible WWD the scrunchies are back for 2018, courtesy of both the Mansur Gavriel catwalk show last September and our dying need for effort free hairstyles. Just like marmite, you either love scrunchies or you hate them but if it’s the former then this post is going to be for you. So if you want to adopt the ultimate 80s accessory this year we’ve found three easy looks on Pinterest that you can create to totally nail this trend - and you can use your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions for all of them too. Continue reading →

5 Jen Atkin hair tutorials that will totally change your life

5-jen-atkin-hair-tutorials-that-will-totally-change-your-lifeJen Atkin is a celebrity hair guru and has been the go-to gal for everyone from JLo to Kim Kardashian. Her new haircare line Ouai has taken over Instagram and she runs the successful blog Mane Addicts too which we can’t stop reading. So to pick up some tips we’ve scoured the Internet for the best Jen Atkin hair tutorials that will totally change your life. Continue reading →

Your Hair Horoscope: January 2018

Hair-Horoscope-January-2018 Mystic Mim has read the stars, aligned the moons, clipped in her hair extensions and is ready to read you your January 2018 hair horoscope. This astrological ride is gonna pick you up and drop you off at destination perfect hair. Lets go... Continue reading →

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