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Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles That You Can Do Yourself

Bridal-Hairstyles-that-you-can-do-yourself-hair-extensions-milk-and-blush-blog If your big day is just around the corner you’re in the right place. We’re bringing you three beautiful bridal hairstyles that you can do yourself using your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions. Continue reading →

How To Do Every Single Type Of Hair Braid

how-to-do-every-type-of-hair-braid-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-blog Got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to braided hairstyles but haven’t managed one yet? Because, same. Every day there’s a new style that’s more intricate than the last and if you didn’t grow up braiding your bestie’s hair it can all seem a little too complicated. Don’t worry though gals, we’ve totally got you covered with our ultimate guide to doing every type of braid just in time for summer. Continue reading →

Hair Trends: Rose Brown Is The Dreamiest Colour Of The Season

rose-brown-hair-shade-of-the-season-spring-2018-hairstyles-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-blogAs soon as hair salon Rich Tran posted a picture of their rose brown hair creation it started doing the rounds online and we can totally see why. 2018 is the year we’re finally turning our back on bright pastels and experimenting with hair trends that are way more sophisticated and a lot safer for work. Continue reading →

Our New Years Hair Resolutions

Milk-and-blush-new-years-hair-resolutions You’ve heard of New Year's Resolutions, but what about New Year’s Hair Resolutions? Here at M+B HQ we’re on a quest to get the hair of our dreams in 2018 and while Milk + Blush Hair Extensions can certainly help along the way there are things that we can do to make our hair the best it can be this new year. Continue reading →

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