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Heatless Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

medium-heatless-hairstyles-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-blog Giving your hair a break from heat is really important so it’s good to have some super cute heatless hairstyles in your arsenal. This week we’re bringing you five amazing heatless looks perfect for all you M+B Babes out there with medium length hair! Continue reading →

The Power Of Milk + Blush Hair Extensions

the-power-of-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-blog Hair extensions are a great way to transform your look. Whether you’re dreaming of Rapunzel worthy length or TV ad volume and thickness it can all be within reach with a trusty set of Milk + Blush Hair Extensions. Continue reading →

Easy Gym Hairstyles For Every Cut and Hair Type

Easy-Gym-Hairstyles-Milk-and-Blush-Hair-Extensions-Blog There are two different types of women at the gym, the ones who love to workout and the ones who had to bribe themselves with coffee and a doughnut to get there. Either way, they both need a hairstyle that will survive their exercise session. We’ve put together a few of our fave gym hairstyles for different hair types and cuts to get you totally motivated. Continue reading →

Sheet Masks For Your Hair Are Finally Here

hair-sheet-masks-milk-and-blush-blogWhether you’re a skincare junkie or a one product fits all kind of gal, chances are you’ve heard of K-Beauty and already have a sheet mask in your skincare routine. These little packages make looking after your skin really easy and you can tackle so many problems in one go rather than with a handful of products. It makes sense that this would work for your locks too and we’re so excited that sheet masks for your hair are finally here. Continue reading →

Hair Trends From The Year You Were Born

hair-trends-year-you-were-born-blog-milk-and-blushAs shocking as it might seem, your parents rocked some of these looks like there was no tomorrow. From a killer perm to a sassy mullet and everything in between, these are the biggest hair trends from the year you were born. Continue reading →

This Kim Kardashian Hair Extensions Hack Will Change Your Life

kim-kardashian-hair-extension-hack-milk-and-blushSo one night while getting totally lost in YouTube tutorials, the M+B team stumbled across a makeup tutorial with Kim K and Desi Perkins. Just as we were reaching for Instagram, Kim gave up a huge secret and revealed the key to her changing hair length that is a saviour for short haired gals everywhere.   Continue reading →

9 Problems only Girls who wear M+B Clip in Hair Extensions will Understand

9-problems-only-girls-with-hair-extensions-will-understandLove your M+B Hair Extensions a little bit too much? Then these problems are going to be a pretty regular occurrence for you. It’s a hard life having flawless hair but someone has to do it... Continue reading →

Are Avocados Really Good For Your Hair?

are-avocados-really-good-for-your-hairThey’re on socks, t-shirts, emojis and toast but are the hair healing properties of avos real, or just hype? Today we’re gonna break it down and find out for sure whether avocados can give us super shiny locks or just very funky smelling hair. Continue reading →

Healthy Hair Habits To Adopt In 2018

healthy-hair-habits-to-adopt-in-2018Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make the biggest difference and apparently that’s the same when it comes to haircare too. These 5 small changes to your routine could be the difference between Rapunzel-worthy locks or looking like Beetlejuice and, as simple as they are, we guarantee you’ll notice a difference in no time... Continue reading →

Our Fave Hair Trends of 2017

loved 2017 was truly a year of great hair! This week I’m sharing with you our fave hairstyles of the year and how to get the look yourself with your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions. Continue reading →

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