The Benefits of Using a Hair Mask

The Benefits of Using a Hair MaskJanuary: the month of scrimping, saving and rustling up purse-friendly, homemade hair masks. But not only do these DIY hair indulgences save us some cash, they also work their magic in other mysterious ways - so read on to discover the benefits of using a hair mask…

The benefits of using a hair mask: Preparing your hair mask

Making your own hair mask is such an easy process, there’s really no reason not to experiment! Trust us, a few minutes spent scouring the Internet for recipe inspiration will yield innumerable results - and all you’ll need to begin your dalliance with DIY is a mixing bowl, a few ingredients and, at the very most, a blender or food processor. What’s not to like? Plus, another benefit of using a hair mask is that you need only commit yourself to using it monthly - so, once you’ve prepared your treatment, you don’t have to worry about doing it again for another four weeks!

The benefits of using a hair mask: The ingredients

Think you’ll need to stock up on exotic ingredients in order to make yourself an effective hair mask? Well, that’s certainly not the case - in fact, another benefit of using a hair mask is that most miracle-working mask ingredients can be found in the average gal’s kitchen cupboard. To name but a few, yoghurt, honey, olive oil and avocado are all superb hair mask ingredients - and they’re easy on the purse-strings, too! What’s more, by popping these natural, healthy ingredients into your hair mask, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that no harsh chemicals will be worming their way into your precious locks.

The benefits of using a hair mask: The effects

The hair-loving qualities of homemade hair masks are also not to be scoffed at. While using a hair mask won’t actually alter your tresses’ chemical makeup, masks do have a fabulously deep-conditioning effect on the hair’s outer cuticle. In fact, after using a DIY hair mask for just fifteen minutes, the nourishing ingredients in the mask will actually serve to close the hair’s cuticle, leaving even dry, over processed locks looking super shiny and feeling touchably soft - perhaps the most obvious benefits of using a hair mask of all!

We Dirty Looks girls simply can’t get enough of experimenting with our very own homemade hair heroes, and we hope this blog post has opened your eyes to the benefits of using a hair mask, too!

What’s your favourite homemade hair concoction? We’d love to know!