The Shade of the Season - Buttercream Blonde

Who else had major hair envy when J-Lo graced us at the Super Bowl? We hear ya, sister!

While Winter is generally reserved for darker shades, it seems that the request for warmer, buttery shades are so hot right now and will certainly see you through to Spring. The coolest take on the trend (which Popsugar officially dubbed "buttercream blonde") is essentially a natural, creamy look with incredible vibrancy. Because of the mix of warm and cool colours, it compliments almost every skin tone.

While it’s easier to achieve this shade if you’re already blonde, it’s not impossible for all you brunette babes out there to incorporate elements of this trend. Take a look at our top shades to help you achieve this killer look:

Shine Bright with Rich and Famous

Our highlighted shade is a medium blonde with a mix of light blonde highlights and subtle brown lowlights. This colour works best if you’re already naturally light and in the blonde family.

Buttery Gold with She Stole My Look

Our bronde highlighted shade is as delicious as it looks. This gorgeous shade has dark to medium blonde running throughout, a hint of mocha and subtle wheat tones in true buttercream style. There is so much depth in this shade; the mix of warm highlights with a few pops of lighter blonde running through each layer makes this shade one of our best sellers.

Warm Buttercream with Honey Hustle

This shade is great for those who have darker hair and are not yet ready to commit to blonde all over. This shade has a chocolate brown base with sandy highlights running through it. This shade is perfect for highlighted or all over brunette hair.

For more inspiration on the shades, head over to our Pinterest Shades Page.