Tigi Bed Head Manipulator Review

Tigi Bed Head Manipulator ReviewWant to know how to take your hair to new heights and style your limp locks like never before? Then read on for our Tigi Bed Head Manipulator review- a sturdy gel that doesn’t disappoint!

One thing that really gets under our hair follicles is a gel that doesn’t do what it suppose to do. Instead, it decides to hold up hairstyles for an hour max before giving up and weeping into a flat, greasy mane which is trouble to fix. Luckily, the Tigi Bed Head Manipulator doesn’t do any of that and keeps our hairstyle looking mighty strong for hours upon end!

The Tigi Bed Head Manipulator is one of the few styling products we can actually rely on to help stylise our hair into catwalk-ready hairdos. Whether it’s a punky mohawk or a show-stopping quiff, this sorbet scented gel has the staying power to hold up any hair raising hairstyle you wish to create. What’s more, it doubles up as a great thickening product, as well as a strong volume booster, too- pretty impressive, hey?

Tigi Bed Head Manipulator ReviewAnother advantage the Tigi Bed Head Manipulator has over other styling products alike, is that it doesn’t make our hair feel or appear sticky and greasy. Unlike most styling products, the Tigi Bed Head Manipulator maintains your hair softness and leaves it with a firm yet smooth texture rather than an oily, lack-lustre surface.

And, did we mention that the Tigi Bed Head Creative Genius is equally as good to use as a smoothing product, too? Besides serving to sculpt and thicken long lasting styles, the gel also works at smoothing down the hair cuticle for a smooth, matte finish as well. So, whilst it amps up the volume of your limp locks and provides controllable body to your ‘do, this clever styling substance is making sure that there isn’t a fly-away in sight and ensures that there's no room for frizzy hair to be uncovered!

Moving on, we discovered how easy it is to use the Tigi Bed Head Manipulator. It can be used on both dry and damp hair, depending on the type of style you wish to create. For a hairstyle that needs maximum strength and hold, we suggest running the Tigi Bed Head Creative Genius through dry hair and shaping your ‘do from then on. If it’s natural looking thick, volume you want, then apply the lotion onto damp hair before blow drying or leaving it to dry naturally for a firm texture.

All in all, if you love to mould your hair into quirky hairstyles, too, then this Tigi Bed Head Manipulator is a styling staple that’s sure to stay put on your dressing table! What’s your thoughts on this styling product?