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If you didn’t see Kylie’s sky blue hair then where have you been? This light, powdery blue is set to be huge for 2019 and it’s perfect if you love experimenting. Pastel hair definitely isn’t a new thing but we’re super excited to move on from millennial pink and to have a new colour to play with.

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Lady Gaga has also been experimenting with sky blue and dyed her hair to match her insane Golden Globes gown. Her’s was more of a blue rinse so it was a little less of a commitment but still a totally beautiful way to rock the shade.

If you’re thinking of going for it and don’t want to hit the salon then you should definitely check out the Manic Panic Classic High Voltage Hair Dye in the shade Mermaid. It’s a cool toned teal colour that is the closest match to Kylie’s hair and you could 100% dye some M+B hair extensions to match. We’d recommend going for the shade Oh My Gwen Stefani.

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If you are thinking of going for it you need to make sure that your hair is in really good condition first as sky blue needs to sit on a very light blonde. This means loads of bleaching which can be super damaging but as this trend is sticking around you could definitely build up to it in stages. That being said, it’s also worth noting that blue is a notoriously hard colour to budge so you need to make sure you’re 100% committed first!

We hope you’re loving this look as much as we are and if you try it out be sure to tag us in your pics! Alternatively, if this is a little too crazy for your vibe then we’ve got loads more hair trends here that are a little less risky.